Moments That Matter: Alan Jackson Reaches Out to Superfan in Hospice

by Clayton Edwards

A musician can make a huge difference in someone’s life. First and foremost, the music they make can be the soundtrack to memories. We all have those songs that take us back to the big moments of the good ol’ days. However, if you find that one artist that you can really relate to, that consistently puts out songs that resonate with your soul, that’s a little different. It goes beyond a song bringing back memories or making a tough day easier. Really, that kind of connection to an artist’s work goes beyond fandom. Alan Jackson knows how important that kind of connection is.

Alan Jackson writes and records the kind of music that resonates with fans on a deep level. This is probably because he takes his experiences –the love, joy, and pain – and forges them into songs. One man has felt a connection to Jackson for decades, his name is Dean Ivey and he’s a hospice patient in North Carolina.

According to the Sandhills Sentinel, Mr. Ivey “adopted Alan Jackson as a brother” early in his career. He said that it isn’t just Jackson’s music that pulled him in. His faith and family values also resonated with the North Carolina man. He discussed his admiration for AJ with medical social worker Donna Brock.

As is true with most hospice patients, Mr. Ivey doesn’t have much time left in this world. So, Donna Brock decided to do something that would help make the rest of his moments a little better. She reached out to Alan Jackson’s team and told them all about Mr. Ivey and how much Jackson means to him.

Alan Jackson Delivers in a Meaningful Way

To her surprise, Alan Jackson’s team replied to her within 24 hours. They sent the superfan a care package that included a T-shirt, a hat, an autographed photo, and some new CDs. More importantly, the package contained a “heartfelt letter of appreciation.” In that letter, Alan thanked Mr. Ivey for his support and sent along some well-wishes.

The North Carolina man felt overwhelmed by Alan Jackson’s gift. Through tears of joy, Dean Ivey told the Sandhills Sentinel “You don’t know how much this kind and thoughtful gift means to me.”

This is just one more reason why Alan Jackson is one of the best in the business. Sure, he writes great songs and has a killer voice. However, it’s his big heart that really seals the deal. Whether he’s raising money for his hometown or helping a superfan make special memories before he passes, Jackson has proven himself to be a good man time and again.

Everybody is living on borrowed time, some just have more than others. So, be like Alan Jackson, help those around you make the moments they have left matter.