Morgan Wallen Breaks Silence: Video

by Chris Haney

On Wednesday evening, country star Morgan Wallen finally broke his silence following video of the singer using racial slurs when intoxicated.

Wallen posted a five-minute long personal video to YouTube titled “Update from me.” He says that he’s long overdue to make a statement regarding his latest controversial incident. This follows his arrest last year for public intoxication and disorderly conduct on Lower Broadway in Nashville, TN in May. In Ocotber, Saturday Night Live canceled his musical guest performance for violating COVID-19 protocols while partying.

The country singer’s sudden rise to fame has been rocky at best. Wallen revealed before that he’s struggled with his drinking and partying. During Morgan Wallen’s update tonight, he admitted that the footage of him using racial slurs came at the end of a 72-hour bender.

“Obviously the natural thing to do is to apologize further and just continue to apologize because you got caught. And that’s not what I wanted to do,” Morgan Wallen shared. “I let so many people down who mean a lot to me and have given so much to me. Let my parents down, and they’re the furthest thing from the person in that video. I let my son down, and I’m not okay with that.”

The “Whiskey Glasses” singer said he accepted invitations to speak with some Black organizations and leaders. In addition, he admitted to feeling nervous to accept their invitation. Wallen said the people he offended have “every right to step on my neck” and not show grace, but he said they did the opposite. The musician said their kindness inspired him and they offered to help him learn and grow.

You can watch Wallen’s full statement in the video below.

Morgan Wallen is ‘Going off the Grid’ for a While

Morgan Wallen went on to say that he knows words “matter” and that they “can truly hurt a person.” Furthermore, the singer has heard stories from the Black community that he says “shook” him.

“And I know what I’m going through this week doesn’t even compare to some of the trials I heard about from them. I came away from those discussions with a deep appreciation for them and a clearer understanding of the weight of my words. I wish the circumstances were different for me to learn these things. But I’m also glad it started the process for me to do so,” Wallen said in the video.

The country artist encouraged others to learn from his mistake and said he’s carefully choosing his next steps. In fact, Wallen announced that he hasn’t had a drink since the incident. He’s been sober for nine days and admits that’s not very long. Yet he said it’s long enough to “know the man in that video is not the man that I’m trying to be.”

Wallen says he’s mostly proud of the person he is when sober. However, he admits that alcohol has been a catalyst to the majority of his mistakes. Therefore, Wallen announced that he’s taking a break from the limelight – again. He says he wants to get used to making better decisions. Additionally, he said he wants to earn the trust of his team, his family, friends, and even strangers.

Finally, the singer asked fans who have stuck by him to not defend his actions. He stated that his actions are wrong and that he owns them.

“I was wrong. It’s on me. I take ownership for this, and fully accept any penalties I’m facing,” Wallen concluded.