Morgan Wallen Drops ‘7 Summers’ Short Film with Release Date Clue

by Will Shepard

Newly anointed country music star Morgan Wallen is taking on the world of videography in full force. On Monday, Wallen debuted a new short film in light of the release of his new song “7 Summers.”

As the son of a former big-time baseball player, the film depicts the story of how the young baseball player. Wallen doesn’t want to follow in his dad’s footsteps but is having a hard time finding out what he wants instead. Throughout the short film, Wallen’s new song plays in the background. Although, the music stops periodically to allow for dialogue to take its place.

In this touching film, Wallen takes on the complex narrative of children finding their own paths in life. Wallen is a talented high school pitcher, even receiving an offer from a college. In particular, made-up Southern Nebraska offers him a spot to play on their team, which remains a hotly contested piece throughout the film.

As the film points out, it is important to follow your dreams, but more important to be happy. Wallen and his girlfriend decide that it is important he go play baseball in college promising to wait for each other.

Towards the end of the film, the viewers are taken back to the baseball field where the singer calls time from the umpire. He walks out to the pitcher’s mound and has a conversation with what we can assume is his own son. But the most important detail is that Wallen asks his son whether or not he can “do it.”

Although a simple question, it’s an important piece worth noting in the saga of father-son relationships. The singer seems to say that happiness is more important than father’s expectations, no matter the outcome. The film beautifully critiques this complex relationship.

Press Release Time

Wallen posts on Twitter, pushing the film out to as many people as possible.

And on Twitter, Wallen’s fans love the film. Fans compliment his good looks, mullet and artful take on the activity and relationship between parent and child. Fans speculate on when the new album will be released. One user asked, “3/70/73?” Well, surely that isn’t correct. However, our best guess is the album will debut on January 8, 2021 as it is shown on the jerseys in the opening scene.

Moreover, fans seem to absolutely love the song “7 Summers” and will help it climb the charts. Undoubtedly Wallen’s last music film, inspired this film.