Morgan Wallen Sends Message After 2021 CMA Awards: ‘Thank the Lord for My Blessings’

by Clayton Edwards

Morgan Wallen couldn’t attend this year’s CMA Awards. However, his album Dangerous was still in the running for Album of the Year. This is because Wallen wouldn’t be the only one to get a win if the album took home the trophy. The album’s producer and mix engineer would also take home that big W. However, that’s not how it worked out. Chris Stapleton’s album Starting Over took that award. It was one of four big wins for Stapleton at the CMA Awards.

After the results were in at the CMA Awards, Morgan Wallen took to Twitter to accept the loss gracefully. In a short tweet, Wallen showed his fans and haters alike that the one thing he isn’t is a sore loser.

In the graceful tweet, Morgan Wallen said, “I wake up every morning and thank the Lord for my blessings. Tomorrow morning will be no different. I love y’all.” Honestly, Wallen has plenty to be thankful for. Landing a nomination at the CMA Awards is a huge deal. However, that’s not all Dangerous did. Even though much of the entertainment industry sent Morgan into exile, the album was still a huge success. In fact, it’s the best-selling album of 2021. That, and the thousands of fans who laid their money down for the record probably take the sting out of missing out on the CMA trophy.

Morgan Wallen’s Fans Sound Off

Morgan Wallen accepted the loss and moved on. His fans, however, are not quite so willing to accept the L. They flocked to his replies to say that Dangerous should have taken home the trophy. One Wallen fan shared a screenshot that featured some facts about the album. To date, the album boasts over 2 million “album-equivalent sales” and is the #1 album in the country. Another fan posted a screenshot of the Billboard Top Country Albums chart for this week. Dangerous has been at the top of that chart for 38 weeks. They added, “charts don’t lie.”

Unfortunately for Morgan Wallen and his fans, the CMA Awards aren’t based on chart performance. Instead, the CMA picks winners much like the Oscars or the Grammys. Members of the Country Music Association vote on who will win the award, according to the CMA Awards website.

The CMA does, however, take some aspects of the Billboard Top Country Albums chart into consideration. First and foremost, the album must be considered a country album by Billboard. Additionally, it must hit the Top Country Albums chart within the eligibility period for the current awards cycle.

Instead of relying on chart performance alone, the CMA looks at the artistic qualities of the album. Those criteria include things like the artist’s performance and the production and engineering of the album. However, the Association also takes things like liner notes, packaging, cover art, and layout into consideration when picking a winner.