Morgan Wallen Teases New Song ‘You Proof’: ‘Been Wanting to Put Out New Music’

by Clayton Edwards

A large portion of the country music world disowned Morgan Wallen back in February. At that time, he had just dropped his double album Dangerous. Sales were great and radio play was better. For all intents and purposes, Wallen was on top of the world. Then, with a single sentence, he lost it all. Music fans, his fellow artists, and commentators from all corners of the internet blasted Wallen. Suddenly, the East Tennessee native had gone from fame to infamy.

However, Morgan Wallen’s fanbase never turned its back on him. In fact, after his world came tumbling down, sales of his already successful album skyrocketed. They proved that it didn’t matter what anyone – including Wallen – said, they loved his music and stood behind him.

It seemed like Morgan Wallen was going to disappear from the country music world altogether. However, he started to slowly move back into the limelight in May. That is when he posted a video of him playing “I Thought You Should Know.” He dedicated the song to his mother. Miranda Lambert and Nicolle Galyon co-penned the song with Wallen.

Now, it seems like Morgan Wallen is poised to make his country music come back. Earlier today, he posted a clip of a new song on his Instagram. Listen to the clip below.

In the caption, Morgan Wallen gives the title of the track, “You Proof.” Then, simply says, “Been wanting to put out new music.”

Morgan Wallen Drops a Demo and His Fans Are Here for It

Morgan Wallen is pushing his way back into the country music industry. However, you would never know that he was in the center of a firestorm of controversy just a few months ago from the comments on his post. In fact, his absence was only addressed in a handful of comments. Even then, his fans just talked about how much they missed hearing new music from the “Sand in My Boots,” singer.

They have plenty to be excited about, too. In this new track, Morgan Wallen lays his vocals over a thumping 808 beat. The beat is full of snaps, claps, and thumping bass. So, “You Proof,” will surely rattle more than a few trunks if and when Wallen releases the finished product. This is the part of the demo that a few vocal fans have an issue with. However, most of those comments are bombarded with people supporting Wallen’s choice to branch out and experiment musically.

Those comments are the essence of Morgan Wallen’s fanbase. They support what he does no matter what. In the end, it is the fans that will make or break an artist. With a loyal fanbase like this Wallen can’t lose. If you’ve been looking forward to new music from the “865,” singer, keep your ears open. It is probably coming sooner rather than later.