Nashville ‘Big Bash’ Country Stars Share New Year’s Resolutions Ahead of Tomorrow’s Show: VIDEO

by Jonathan Howard

New Year’s Eve has never been as country as it is going to be this year. Nashville’s Big Bash is set to bring down the old and usher in the new.

Ahead of the big event, country music’s biggest stars that will be performing took the time to talk about the new year. Everyone knows that resolutions are on people’s minds this time of year. But, let’s be honest, is the dead of winter the best time to start changing things about yourself? Maybe we’d be more successful with our resolutions as a whole if we did them in, let’s say, March or April.

I digress. Luke Bryan, Miranda Lambert, and a whole bunch of other artists talked about resolutions with CBS. The answers were compiled and then posted to Twitter for all to see. Check it out for yourself, below.

Luke Bryan kept things simple and easy. Plenty of folks can relate to his resolution. “Mine is the same thing every year. Drink less… and cuss less.” Later in the video, Jason Aldean makes the same kind of resolution, although he doesn’t have any illusions of keeping up with it.

Miranda Lambert took things in the other direction. The Tequila Does singer knows what she wants. “My new year’s resolution for 2022 is to drink more tequila at Casa Rosa…” Nashville’s Big Bash will surely have the tequila in stock before the big night.

Other Resolutions from Nashville’s Big Bash

Now, there is going to be a lot of country music talent at Nashville’s Big Bash. The central time zone doesn’t really have a big new year’s event. They are too close to the eastern time zone and too far from the west coast. So, it’s going to be a lot of fun to get a big event going for those central timers.

Cole Swindell got to take a turn and told us his resolution from last year. We’ll allow him to brag a little bit. “My resolution for 2021 was to make sure to write more songs than I did last year since I was working on a brand new album. I did that and that’s one of the few resolutions I’ve kept.”

As for Carly Pearce, it’s all about not focusing on those resolutions too much. “My new year’s resolution really is kinda the same every year. It’s not to put too much pressure on a resolution and just keep trying to set the bar higher than I did the last year.”

Dierks Bentley has a resolution that all of his fans can get behind. “My new year’s resolution for 2022 is the same it was for 2021 which is to, Finish. My. Record.”

Nashville’s Big Bash is almost here. So, if you haven’t made your own resolutions, I suggest getting started. Maybe you can take some advice from these country music stars.