New Book Reveals Willie Nelson Partied With The Doors’ John Densmore

by Chris Haney

In an upcoming book, John Densmore, the drummer of legendary rock band The Doors, is sharing personal stories from over the years, including his adventures with country icon Willie Nelson.

Densmore’s upcoming book is titled “The Seeker: Meetings With Remarkable Musicians (and Other Artists),” which releases soon on Nov. 17. The drummer recalls numerous tales of his famous friends, including Lou Reed, Van Morrison, and Jerry Lee Lewis. In addition, he shares stories of Nelson, Janis Joplin, and of course, bandmate and lead singer of The Doors Jim Morrison.

“There are various musicians, writers, artists that have fed me artistically through the years. I’m hoping that the reader will also get fed artistically by these stories,” Densmore said about the new book.

Densmore chose the book’s subject because he wanted to explore “musical masters who achieved their mystical destiny through sound.”

“All these different musicians, they’re connected because if you watch them perform you’ll see that in their entire body you are seeing what you’re hearing. They’re so totally into the sound and that’s the connection with all these artists,” Densmore explained.

Nelson Had Densmore “Talking to the Ocean”

During one segment of the book, Densmore talks about meeting Willie Nelson. The drummer said he’s been a big fan of Nelson for years, but never met him until just a few years ago. The legendary country artist invited Densmore and his girlfriend to his house.

In classic Willie form, as soon as the couple arrived, Nelson greeted them with one of his signature joints. Densmore isn’t a big smoker, but his girlfriend could evidently hold her own with Nelson.

“I had one hit. I said, ‘Willie I’m a cheap high, but my girlfriend isn’t and you two can smoke for me,’” Densmore recalled.

However, one hit of Nelson’s joint is all it took for Densmore to be on a different planet.

“I went out and started talking to the ocean,” Densmore joked about his experience smoking with Nelson.

Additionally, The Doors drummer also wrote about how funny the country musician is.

“Willie was firing off jokes over and over like a musical Rodney Dangerfield. He did stand-up, although he was actually sitting down,” Densmore remembered from a later meeting with Nelson.

Nelson left a big impression on Densmore. In his book, he highlights Nelson’s “clear blue eyes that look right through you” that affected him even more than that joint.

“His eyes. He’s just like a wise old soul,” Densmore said of his friend. “He has been there, he has done it all, everything, and he still has a loving vibe.”

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