New George Jones and Tammy Wynette Series Has Interesting Connection to ‘Yellowstone’

by Jonathan Howard

There is a new George Jones and Tammy Wynette series going into production this week. What is the connection it has with Yellowstone?

We now know who is going to play the two main stars in the series. Also, we know that the series is going to be based on Georgette Jones’ own book The Three of Us: Growing Up with Tammy and George. Michael Shannon is going to take the role of Jones. Meanwhile, Jessica Chastain will take the role of Wynette. There will be some difficult moments portrayed in the series, for sure.

However, the six-episode series has a connection to Paramount’s series Yellowstone. 101 Studios is set to join the production team. David C. Glasser, David Hutkin, Ron Burkle, and Bob Yari will be executive producers. So, for those that like the work that those folks do on the Kevin Costner series, you’re in luck.

If the series is half as successful and interesting as Yellowstone, then fans are going to be very happy. One of the producers from the studio, Bob Yari was a producer on Crash. He has also worked on films such as Agent Cody Banks, Where the Red Fern Grows (2003), and of course, he worked on Yellowstone.

The George Jones series is going to have a lot of folks working on the production. 101 Studios being involved is just the latest in the media and entertainment empire they seem to be building. The production company has their hands in a lot of projects as of late. Production is expected to start as early as tomorrow according to Deadline.

Country music fans are going to want to see this series. While it won’t be rainbows and sunshine, the story is one that fans have been dying to see in a visual medium.

Michael Shannon to Sing His Own Vocals as George Jones

While there have been actors that have portrayed singers in the past, not all of them have the chops to sing on their own. However, Shannon is taking on the challenge. The actor is set to sign on as the actor that will portray Jones. He won’t be needing a voice-over on his singing parts, either.

For those that want to see the series, you can catch it exclusively on Spectrum. However, there will be an opportunity to grab is on Paramount+ and Paramount Network as well. It won’t just be Shannon doing his own stunts so to speak. Jessica Chastain is expected to sing her parts as Tammy Wynette herself.

While the George Jones, Tammy Wynette marriage was not the best, it is one that fans are very interested in. Georgette’s book providing the source material, coupled with 101 Studios should make for an outstanding series.