Nikki Lane Releases New Single ‘Black Widow’ from Upcoming Album

by Clayton Edwards

Earlier today, we looked at the long list of great new albums that dropped this week. However, there are a handful of new singles out that we just can’t ignore. Chief among those is the latest track from Nikki Lane.

Nikki Lane released “Black Widow” to streaming services at midnight. Additionally, she released the Austin Leih-directed video to accompany the new single.

Sonically, this song carries the same seamless blend of country music and rock & roll as the album’s initial single. This combination of crying steel guitar, chunky riffs, and bluesy leads will characterize the tone of Denim & Diamonds. While it differs from Lane’s previous work – which had a vintage country sound – the new formula fits Nikki’s voice and writing like a glove.

Nikki Lane wrote all of the songs on the new album and tapped Queens of the Stone Age guitarist Josh Homme to produce and play on the record. He brought along several members of his band. Additionally, Matt Helders of Arctic Monkeys and Carla Azar of Autolux added percussion to some of the tracks. Both Azar and Helders play drums on “Black Widow”

Lyrically, “Black Widow” is about a dangerous, seductive, and powerful woman. In the chorus, Nikki Lane sings, “If you’re prone to temptation / You better not stare / She’ll spin you up and spit you out. / She’ll leave you running scared,” and it sums up the spirit of the song perfectly.

Nikki Lane on Recording “Black Widow”

“Recording ‘Black Widow’ was an exhilarating experience,” Nikki Lane said. “With both Carla Azar and Matt Helders on drums, alongside the rest of the players Homme curated, the room was pulsing as we followed the lyrics of a female black widow spider presumably chasing after her prey.”

Lane expanded a little on the title and content of the song. She said that black widow “is a moniker easily associated with powerful women, which I had always found intriguing. For me, it’s always been more fun to just move on.”

Writing Denim & Diamonds Took Time

It has been more than five years since Nikki Lane released her last album. Critics and fans alike loved Highway Queen. Most expected -or hoped for – a quick follow-up album. However, that didn’t happen. Lane talked about that five-year gap in the initial album announcement. “There is a song that didn’t make the album with the lyrics ‘sometimes you gotta run away to live a life that you can write a song about.’ Prior to this album, I was so focused on writing about life on the road, that I just didn’t have the headspace to write about the road that got me here,” she explained.

Denim & Diamonds, the most reflective work of Nikki Lane’s career will hit streaming services and store shelves on September 23rd. You can preorder physical copies of the album here.