On This Day: Alan Jackson Releases 20th #1 Single ‘Drive (For Daddy Gene)’ in 2002

by Katie Maloney

Nineteen years ago today, country star Alan Jackson released a tribute song for his father, “Drive (For Daddy Gene).”

During the song, Jackson remembers moments with his father throughout his life. Each memory revolves around cars, something Jackson’s father shared a love for with Jackson and something Jackson now shares with his daughters.

In the first verse, Jackson sings about his father letting him steer their old plywood boat. In the second verse, Jackson shares how he felt like Mario Andretti when his father let him drive their old Ford truck. Then Jackson sings about letting his daughters drive their family jeep across their yard. He then sings, “Maybe one day they’ll reach back in their file. And pull out that old memory. And think of me and smile and say, it was just an old worn-out jeep.”

Alan Jackson’s “Drive (For Daddy Gene)”

The song spent 31 weeks on the chart and peaked in the number one spot, making this Alan Jackson’s 20th number-one hit song. Jackson wrote the song after his father passed. During an interview, Jackson said that he had written several sad songs about his father’s passing. However, he wanted to honor his father with a song that elicited happy emotions.

“My daddy died a few years ago, and I wanted to write something for him,” said Jackson. “I tried a couple of times, and I always ended up writing some sad dying song. I didn’t want to do that, I wanted to write something nice. Daddy didn’t say much, [but one of] the things he really gave me is my love for cars, and this whole song is a bunch of facts, really.”

Alan Jackson’s Garage Is Nicer Than Most People’s Homes

It’s no secret that Jackson loves cars. As his song says, the passion was passed down from his father. So it’s no surprise that Jackson has an impressive car collection and a very impressive garage to house them.

The V-shaped garage contains 10 cars and a 1958 Harley-Davidson Panhead down one side. The other side holds four more cars and a small plane. In the middle is an open area that contains a Harley-Davidson pool table, a coffee table, and four leather chairs. The building is lined with custom-built cabinetry that’s filled with Hot Wheels cars, Andy Griffith memorabilia, and more. The rest of the walls are covered with road signs or photos.

Jackson even has a custom desk that his sister and brother-in-law made him. It’s made from the front of an old red Ford pickup truck. There’s a”Yee Haw” license plate below the grill.

“This was actually my first Fan Fair booth,” said Jackson. “They made it for me, and I stood behind it and signed autographs that first year. And then I made it into a desk for the house after that.”

In conclusion, if you’re looking for some inspiration for your own decked-out garage, Alan Jackson is your guy.