On This Day: Brooks & Dunn Announce They’re Splitting Up in 2009

by Clayton Edwards

Twelve years ago today, Brooks & Dunn made an announcement that shook the country music world. After twenty years, twenty chart-topping singles, as well as a stack of platinum albums, the duo was calling it quits. However, before they hung up their spurs for good, they went on one last tour and released another record.

Brooks & Dunn played the final show of their Last Rodeo Tour on September 3, 2010. Five days later #1’s…and Then Some hit the shelves. With that, it was over. The members of country’s dynamic duo went their separate ways.

Why Brooks & Dunn Split

Kix Brooks was one of the first guests on The Marty Smith Podcast. During his chat with Marty, Brooks explained why he and Dunn called it quits.

It really boiled down to creative differences. Kix said that he and Ronnie Dunn’s breakup wasn’t a spur-of-the-moment thing. It had been brewing for quite some time. Brooks said, “We were trying to put a record together and, ya know, I had songs that he didn’t like. [Dunn] had songs that I felt we could do better. He didn’t want to hear that and I didn’t either. He just said, ‘I don’t want to do this anymore,’ and I said, ‘great’”

Kix Brooks said that there was no animosity between him and Ronnie Dunn. In fact, he hoped that his bandmate could have a successful solo career. Kix said that Dunn said that he could “do it by himself,” several times over the years. Brooks never tried to talk him out of it. Both men had been performing as solo artists before they teamed up. According to Brooks, they were both doing fine solo. However, it is clear that they are better as a duo.

If you want a clear picture of how well they got along after the split, Brooks told Marty that he and Dunn continued to duck hunt together. Not only that, they went on vacation with Reba McEntire about six months after they split professionally.

Reunited & Rebooted

In December of 2014, Brooks & Dunn got back together to play a series of Las Vegas concerts with Reba in 2015. They also took part in a mashup wither several other country artists to celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of the CMA Awards.

They announced their comeback album Reboot in February of 2019. It dropped in April of that year.

Brooks said that when he and Dunn got back together it was as if no time had passed. They fell in just like they did before the split. More importantly, all of the songs still felt good.

Brooks & Dunn’s Reboot Tour kicks off on September 2nd at the Ruoff Music Center in Noblesville, Indiana. Travis Tritt and Elvie Shane will accompany the duo on the road.