On This Day: Garth Brooks Releases ‘Lost in You’ Under Alter Ego Chris Gaines in 1999

by Madison Miller

On this day in 1999, Garth Brooks took on his alter ego rocker name, Chris Gaines, and released “Lost in You.”

The country artist stunned producers, songwriters, and fans when his normal country voice took on a more rock, R&B sounding voice.

Garth Brooks Gets Lost in ‘Lost in You’

The song came from the never-developed movie, “The Lamb.” Garth Brooks and his production company, Red Strokes Entertainment, started to create the film in which Brooks was meant to star as an alternative rock artist.

In October 1999, Brooks released “Garth Brooks in … The Life of Chris Gaines” where his alter ego became a long-form project. Fans were not excited by the idea of the movie and the film fell through. However, his only Hot 100 Top 40 song, “Change The World,” came from the album.

The decision to create the Chris Gaines album was his most controversial of his career. He made the choice right at the peak of his career as well. When looking at Brooks’ discography, the album sticks out like a sore thumb.

According to an American Songwriter interview with songwriter Gordon Kennedy, who helped write “Lost In You,” working with Brooks was amazing. Although the album got mixed reactions, those negative reactions from many people who hadn’t heard it. This is likely country fans skeptical of listening to non-country Garth Brooks.

“Working with Garth was awesome! We were a little skeptical when he announced to us his intention to sing ‘Lost In You.’ But, when Wayne and I met him at the studio to do that first vocal, our jaws hit the floor! I’d never heard Garth sing like that. He was so good in this soft R&B style of vocal, that we wondered who the real Garth was!” Kennedy said.

The Return of Chris Gaines

Although “Lost in You” got lost on the way, it is still considered a key Brooks song in which he explores a different sound. His fans may not have been as receptive back then. Garth Brooks said once that his “ribs are still sore from getting the s–t kicked out of me for it.”

However, according to a Tennessean article, fans may get another chance to kick him figuratively for his Chris Gaines character. When asked if the character still means something to him it was a passionate yes.

“You bet your a– it does. I’ll put that music up against any music or anybody. That music is undeniable … The Gaines project isn’t done.”

With the potential for more Chris Gaines music, it makes some fans curious if the reception will be better in 2020-2021. With more and more rocker-type country artists like Sturgill Simpson and Chris Stapleton dominating the industry, maybe it’s time for Chris Gaines to shine.

According to NPR, Gaines is already making that comeback. There was a Gainesfest 2019: A Celebration of The Life of Chris Gaines. It included a look-a-like contest, a tribute band, and an art sale.

The song “Lost in You” inspired rapper Childish Gambino enough to want to create a cover of the lovely ballad song.