On This Day: Shania Twain Rocks Super Bowl Performance in 2003

by Clayton Edwards

Super Bowl halftime shows are known for being larger-than-life. Not only are the musicians playing to a packed stadium but they are also having their show broadcast to tens of millions of viewers across the country. They have to bring their A-game and crank the energy in their performances up to eleven. Shania Twain did just that at the Super Bowl XXXVII halftime show in 2003. The 90s country icon stunned fans both visually and vocally as she dominated the stage at the Raymond James Stadium.

Shania Twain showed the world why she was the queen of country-pop. The crossover superstar expertly blended country music with pop sensibilities in both her songs and stage show. Shania may have opened the halftime show but her performance was the highlight of the night.

Shania Twain Crushes the Halftime Show

Twain’s portion of the halftime show kicked off with her enduring hit “Man, I Feel Like a Woman,” but with a modified opening line. She replaced the iconic “Let’s go, girls,” with “Let’s go, football fans,” which was fitting. The change was fitting not only because she was performing at the Super Bowl but also because the hit song is loved by everyone. Both women and men love Shania Twain’s fun and empowering anthem. It doesn’t matter if you’re the toughest roughneck in the room, you can’t help but tap your toe and sing along to this iconic 90s country hit.

As the first bars of the verse played, fireworks erupted on the stage and Shania Twain stepped out of the smoke. She strutted to the front of the stage. Her hair and floor-length, form-fitting leather cloak blew behind her in the wind.

Shania Twain took the line about dressing proactively to have a little fun to heart. Her stage attire for the night consisted of a leather cloak and miniskirt as well as a crystal-encrusted choker and bra. The collar and sleeves of her cloak came to sharp points. She finished the ensemble with knee-high black leather boots. Twain looked both regal and a little edgy. Her proactive look only helped to accentuate the energy of her performance.

As “Man, I Feel Like a Woman,” came to a close, Shania Twain and her band moved directly into the fan-favorite “Up!” This is where Twain’s performance really came alive. While singing the song, Shania walked down the stairs on the front of the stage and into a small barricaded area in the crowd. On either side of the narrow path, eager fans screamed and reached out to touch the Canadian-born country star. She grasped the hands of as many fans as she could before making her way back to the stage for the big finale.

As the song came to a close, Shania Twain stepped onto a lift that carried her high above the stage. The long arm of the lift put her out over the crowd gathered for the show. As she hit the final note of “Up!” fireworks once again erupted from the stage.

Interesting Facts about Shania’s Halftime Performance

Shania Twain started and ended her portion of the show with a literal bang. Everything in-between was pure dynamite. However, it wasn’t just her expert performance that made the night significant. There are a few interesting bits of trivia about the halftime show.

First, Shania Twain was the last country singer to perform at the Super Bowl. Second, Twain made history by being the only performer to grace the halftime stage of both the Super Bowl and the Grey Cup. The latter is the Canadian Football League’s championship game. Also, sales of her hit album “Up!” saw a huge boost in the weeks following the halftime show.

During her portion of the show, Shania was the only one performing live. Her backing band was pantomiming to a pre-recorded track. They didn’t try hard to hide the fact, either. At one point toward the end of “Man, I Feel Like a Woman,” two musicians throw their instruments offstage. The backup vocals for both songs were also pre-recorded. Twain’s vocals were live, though. In the end, that’s what really matters.