On This Day: Tammy Wynette’s Album ‘The Ways to Love a Man’ Released in 1970

by Clayton Edwards

Country music legend Tammy Wynette released her sixth studio album “The Ways to Love a Man,” fifty-one years ago today. The album climbed to number three on the country albums chart. The title track topped the Hot Country Songs chart, bringing her to a total of six chart-topping singles.

By the time Tammy Wynette released this album, she had already taken on the mantle of “First Lady of Country Music,” and for good reason. Her previous releases included genre-defining hits like “Stand by Your Man,” among others. At the same time, her marriage to the legendary George Jones helped to propel her career. However, her marriage only put more eyes on her. Wynette’s talent as a singer and songwriter did the heavy lifting.

The album saw Tammy Wynette moving to a smoother more pop-friendly sound. The country edge that was present in the production of “Stand by Your Man” and her previous releases was all but gone.

However, “The Ways to Love a Man” still manages to sound like classic country. It is the instrumentation and Wynette’s vocals that inject county music directly into the heart of the album. She was, after all, the First Lady of Country Music. There was no way she could drop a straightforward pop album, no matter how polished the production was.

“The Ways to Love a Man” is full of love songs. They’re all about loving, leaving, cheating, and pining. However, the mood of the album is soft and sweet throughout. Tammy Wynette’s vocals really shine over the silky smooth production. If you’re in the mood to slow dance with your lover, this is the perfect album to put on.

Tammy Wynette’s “The Ways to Love a Man” Contains Interesting Writing Credits

Tammy Wynette was both a singer and a songwriter. So, seeing her name in the credits of several of the album’s tracks is no surprise. Likewise her then-husband George Jones co-wrote a handful of tracks on the album. No surprise there at all. Legendary Nashville producer Billy Sherrill’s name appears on most of the tracks as well. These are all pretty standard.

The one that really stands out is a co-write by Charlie Daniels. That’s right, the fiddle-slinging, country-rock legend Charlie Daniels helped to pen a song on Tammy Wynette’s album. What comes as an even bigger surprise is the song he helped to write.

Billy Sherrill, Bob Johnston, and Charlie Daniels teamed up to write “He’ll Never Take the Place of You,” a love song. The song is from the point of view of a woman who is in a happy relationship. At the same time, she knows that her new love will never fill her ex’s shoes. In the end, she begs her ex to stay away so she can be happy.

Fans usually associate Charlie Daniels with barn burners like “The Devil Went Down to Georgia” or patriotic anthems like “In America,” this tune shows a softer side of Daniels.

Earlier today, the Charlie Daniels Twitter account reminded followers that he contributed to the album.