Outsider Picks: Best Albums of July 2022

by Clayton Edwards

July was a hot month in more ways than one. Sure, the temps climbed to new heights in many places, but we also got a heap of smoking-hot albums. Some release weeks were bigger than others, to be sure. However, July didn’t have a week that didn’t bring us at least one killer new record to spin. We sifted through all of those new releases and compiled a list of the best albums of the month. From traditional country music to vintage-style surf rock, this month had it all.

The Best Albums of July 2022

To steal a phrase from Wes Blankenship, if this list don’t light your fire, your wood’s wet. Some might argue that July brought us some of the best albums of the year. Whiskey Myers, Willi Carlisle, Nicolle Galyon, and The Local Honeys all released stellar records last month. On top of that we’ve got some bluegrass legends in the mix alongside some alt-country mainstays and fresh faces.

As usual, the best way to take in these albums is to sit down with each one and absorb all they have to offer. However, this is a pretty long list. With that in mind, we put together Outsider Picks: The Best of July 2022. That playlist contains standout tracks from all of the albums above. Check it out, and be sure to follow Outsider on Spotify to get all the best music from our favorite artists.

The Local Honeys

The Local Honeys’ style falls between country music and bluegrass. Their lyrics are full of coal, forests, and Appalachian sorrow. If you’re looking for something that will break your heart that sounds like old-time music from the hills, this album will end up in your personal best-of list as well. Tracks like “Dead Horses” and “Throw Me in the Thicket (When I Die)” see the duo at the height of their heart-wrenching power.

One More Time Before You Go

You might know Dan Tyminski’s name from the O Brother, Where Art Thou? soundtrack. However, this bluegrass legend has more in his bag of tricks than that killer Soggy Bottom Boys track. This EP sees Tyminski teaming up with other bluegrass virtuosos to perform some classic ‘grass standards. His guests include Molly Tuttle, Billy Strings, Sam Bush, and more.  

Peculiar, Missouri

If you’re looking for a folk singer and poet who sings his heart out with every line, look no further than Willi Carlisle. With Peculiar, Missouri, Carlisle presents his take on the vast tapestry called Americana. He packed this one with steel guitar-laden tear-jerkers, honky tonk heel stompers, and a couple of classic folk songs. This one is probably one of the best albums of the year.