Pat Green Announces ‘Miles and Miles of You,’ His First New Album in 7 Years

by Clayton Edwards

Pat Green released Home seven years ago. To this day, that record is worth putting on repeat and cranking up. However, fans of good Texas country music have been chomping at the bit to hear new material from the Texas native. Recently, Green announced that his next album Miles and Miles of You is right around the corner.

The Dwight A. Baker-produced album will hit streaming services and store shelves on August 26th. About the long wait between his last record and this one, Pat Green said, “I only put out a record when the time is right, and after COVID I really felt like this was the time. So much life happened in that year off the road and that is what we captured on this project – the ups, the downs, the sideways, and all the laughs we could muster.”

Recorded in the latter days of the pandemic, Miles and Miles of You touches on themes like optimism, resilience, and gratitude. In short, it is the kind of record that we all need in our lives after the past few years.

Pat Green has already released a handful of singles from the upcoming album. Taken together, those singles show us an artist who is running full-throttle into this strange new world in which we find ourselves. From wake-up calls like “All in This Together” to weekend bangers like “If It Didn’t Have a Honky Tonk” and well-crafted love songs like the title track, this album is packed with perfectly-penned country music.

Pat Green on Miles and Miles of You

Back in April, Outsider caught up with Pat Green to talk about the new album. Green admitted that he found himself in a bit of a funk during the pandemic. However, working on this record did a lot to get him out of it. “At the end of the day, creativity really got me back on track. Getting in the studio and making a record and just working,” he said.

In an earlier sit-down with Outsider, Pat Green opened up about the content of the new album. “I feel like the songs that are on this project are fantastic. I wish that I could go backward in time and write this record first, and then end up at George’s Bar.”

Miles and Miles of Green

If you’d like to dig deeper into Green’s career and history, you’re in luck. He’s releasing a documentary series titled The Miles and Miles of Pat Green on his YouTube channel. The five-episode series will dig into the “mile markers” of Green’s life and career. You can check out the first three episodes now. The final installment will drop a week before Miles and Miles of You hits shelves and streaming services.

“Mile Marker 1: San Antonio”