PHOTO: Luke Bryan and Wife Caroline Designed Incredible Custom Shirts Celebrating Son Tate’s Birthday

by Jonathan Howard

It is no secret that Luke Bryan and his wife Caroline love their children. The Bryan children go on tours and shows with dad all the time. When on the road, the tour bus becomes a mobile home for the Bryan family sometimes. For Tate, the youngest of their biological children, his birthday looked like a real fun time.

Many children of celebrities like to spend their birthdays doing extravagant things. Going on vacations to the beach, throwing huge parties, and more. However, for Tate Bryan, a day at the bowling alley with the family is all he needs. Luke Bryan shared a photo via Instagram that showed himself and Caroline with Tate. The parents sported matching shirts for the occasion.

The picture shows a smiling family sporting their “Tate. The Man. The Myth. The Legend.” t-shirts. Dad, Luke Bryan, shared the photo with the caption “These shirts are clutch.” Indeed they are. The trio is standing at the end of a bowling alley and it looks like a great time for a kid Tate’s age. Now, what would you do if you were at the Wednesday night bowling league and the Bryan family pulled up? Who are we kidding, Tate likely got the whole place to himself, and it is well-deserved.

This has been a good year for Luke Bryan and family. The return of live music and touring has given a lot of artists a bit of pep to their step. Of course, the Bryan family can’t help but play jokes on each other. With Caroline always looming around, Luke says he doesn’t know when he is being pranked and when he isn’t at this point.

Luke Bryan and Son Tate

Not only did Luke Bryan and crew go out bowling, but he also took his son Tate out fishing on his birthday. For an 11-year-old boy, he sure knows how to catch a fish. Tate was featured in another Instagram post that showed the big birthday catch.

Now, the Bryan family is packed full of kids. Not only do Luke and Caroline have their sons Thomas “Bo” and Tate, but they have three adopted children as well. The three others are the children of Bryan’s late sister and brother-in-law. One boy, Tiden “Til” and two nieces named Kris and Jordan. With a house of five kids and three boys, things can be a little hectic. However, the Bryans seem to truly love one another and care for each other.

Whether out on tour or hanging out on the boat or at the bowling alley, Luke Bryan is going to have a good time. If his music is any indication, a birthday party at the Bryan house seems like it could be quite the event. Get those tailgates down and those jeans shorts on.