PHOTO: Thomas Rhett’s Family Nails Christmas Day Human Pyramid

by Jonathan Howard

Alright, there have been a lot of holiday family photos, but Thomas Rhett and his family might have the best one out there.

Rhett is a big family guy. And, luckily for him, he has a big family. It looks like the country music star got some time to do Christmas in a big way with his Akins family. Their big group photo has something for everyone! The longer you look at it the more there is to laugh at or appreciate.

Check out the photo he posted to Twitter below and see for yourself!

As you can see, this has everything a Christmas photo should have. A nice big living room with a huge tree. We’ll let it slide that it isn’t a real tree, but just because it looks so unique. The decorations, wreath, garland, all of that around the room makes it look cozy.

Then, we have the people themselves. All the guys are matching in their elf outfits, including Thomas Rhett. They make up the base of this attempted pyramid. The ladies are all wearing matching PJs.

We love seeing the kids on top of the pile and the newborn in front, as well. Of course, that baby in front is baby Lillie Akins who was introduced to the world just earlier this month after being born on November 15. Take a peek in the back, Clark Griswold is plugging the lights up for the house as Christmas Vacation plays. Finally, the dog butt photobombed the whole picture on the right side. Perfection.

Christmas time is all about getting together and enjoying the little things. It seems that Thomas Rhett and his family were able to do that this year and more.

Thomas Rhett Celebrates with Christmas Throwback

The duo of Rhett and his wife Lauren Akins is one of the best in all of country music. They always seem to be having the best time together. Earlier this week, Rhett posted a throwback from CMA Country Christmas where he worked alongside his wife. However, the two did not exactly get their lines just right on the first go.

All Rhett had to do was walk in and say, “Hey Merry Christmas, and welcome to CMA Country Christmas,” but that’s easier said than done. He stacks presents on his wife’s arms just to see them fall to the ground, forgets his lines, and more.

Of course, Thomas Rhett knows how to have a laugh at himself. You don’t just get into matching elf outfits with your family if you take things seriously all the time. Honestly, we love it. It seems the more we see from Rhett and the Akins family, the better.