PHOTO: Vince Gill Remembers 1967 ‘Cherished’ Christmas Gift from His Parents

by Josh Lanier

Vince Gill recently shared a photo of him holding a gift from his parents on Christmas 1967: a beautiful Gibson ES-335 electric guitar.

The country music legend tweeted the black and white photo of him picking the strings of the guitar on Christmas morning.

Fans shared their first guitars in the comments of the post.

The American-made semi-hollow body guitars were the sound of early rock and roll. The guitar with its iconic dual cutaways grew in popularity in the 1960s as they were also loved by bands like The Beatles. And they’re the holy grail for many guitar players. A 1960s ES-335 can cost up to $30,000 depending on its condition and the year it was made.

Vince Gill didn’t know any of that when he picked out the guitar from an Oklahoma music store. He told Vintage Guitar magazine that it reminded him of the bigger-bodied guitars that country guitar icon Chet Atkins played.

He still has that 1967 Gibson ES-335 guitar and Fender amp. And he still clearly loves that guitar.

He posed with a different 335 on the cover of his 2016 album Down to My Last Bad Habit.

Gill is a gifted country guitarist whose songwriting skills have endeared him to millions of listeners.

He has won 21 Grammy Awards and is a member of the Country Music Hall of Fame and the Grand Ole Opry.

Vince Gill, Amy Grant Already Set 2021 Christmas Shows

Every year, Vince Gill and his wife usually perform an annual Christmas show at the Ryman Auditorium. But because of COVID-19, they had to cancel this year’s performance. But Grant alleviated fans’ fears by promising they’ll be back next year.

“None of us could have ever predicted a year like this one. The holidays are going to look a lot different because of it. While Vince and I are disappointed we can’t be with you all this year, we are thrilled to be able to return to Ryman Auditorium for the holidays in 2021,” says Grant. “It is such a special time of year for us and our family. These shows have become a holiday tradition for us!”