Photos: Riley Green ‘Tagged Out’ in Illinois After Taking Down Massive Buck

by Jennifer Shea

Country music singer Riley Green has been doing some hunting out in the heartland.

Fresh off a Midwestern bowhunting trip, Green shared yet another photo of a buck on Instagram.

“Tagged out in Illinois,” he posted. “What an awesome day out in the middle of nowhere.”

Green’s Recent Succesful Hunts

He also killed a buck in Texas recently.

Riley Green Had a Busy Autumn

Green has been busy this autumn. When he’s not out hunting, he’s been working on his property in Alabama, reports.

“The first day back, me and my dad built a gym in my barn,” Green said in a statement. “Then we built a lean-to off the back of it. I bought a tractor when I built my house and my dad’s just been tearin’ it up. Since I’ve been gone I haven’t been on it, so I got to ride my tractor around.”

“Built a garage for some of my cars that don’t run to act like I’m workin’ on ‘em,” he added. “Just a million things that wouldn’t mean anything to anybody else, but to me they’re just a peace of mind to know, man, I’ve got that done, you know.”

And this Wednesday, Nov. 18, Green will join a lineup of fellow country musicians at the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville for a Friendsgiving concert. Also performing are Matt Stell, Laine Hardy, Laci Kaye Booth, Dillon James, and Grace Leer.

“We are thrilled to present another unique live music experience with Friendsgiving and all of the talented artists involved,” the Ryman Auditorium General Manager, Gary Levy, said in a statement. “We look forward to continuing to provide fans from across the country and around the world a way to experience live music from home while also safely and responsibly welcoming back a limited number of guests to the Ryman Auditorium.”

Riley Green also recently released the official music video to “If It Wasn’t For Trucks,” one of his 2020 releases.