Randy Travis Debuts Previously Unreleased Song ‘Ain’t No Use’

by Clayton Edwards

Friday is always the best day of the week. For many Americans, it’s the end of the workweek. However, even if you have to work on the weekend, you can count on new music. This Friday is a special one for country music fans. Randy Travis dropped a never-before-released track today. How long has it been since the neotraditional crooner dropped new music? Too long. That’s how long.

Randy Travis’ latest song is called “Ain’t No Use,” and it will absolutely make your day. First, let’s talk about why he gifted the world of country music this new track. Then, we’ll talk about the song itself.

Travis dropped his debut album Storms of Life in June of 1986. So, the album is turning 35 this year. To celebrate this impressive milestone, the country legend is releasing a deluxe remastered edition of Storms of Life. It will contain the ten original tracks from the release as well as three unreleased songs from the label’s vault.

Randy Travis made a statement with Storms of Life. When it dropped in 1986, the country music landscape was full of poppy “Urban Cowboy,” music. So, Travis’ traditional-sounding record shook the foundations of the genre. He and a few others spearheaded the neotraditional country movement. This album was its needle-honed tip.

The deluxe edition of Storms of Life hits shelves on September 27. However, it goes up for presale today. To give the world a taste of what’s to come, Randy Travis dropped “Ain’t No Use.”

Randy Travis’ Brand New Old Tune

“Ain’t No Use,” is a song about unrequited love. However, it’s not some downtrodden ballad lamenting the one who got away. Instead, Randy Travis sings about giving up and moving on. He drives that point home in the chorus.

It ain’t no use / To talk about it / Looks like I’ll just learn / To get along without it / Girl, you turn your head and I have to shout it / Ain’t no use to talk to you about love.”

 “Ain’t No Use,” features enough steel guitar and fiddle to get any classic country fan on board. At the same time, the rhythm section lays down a beat that will make your boots tap of their own volition. Randy Travis’ vocals are incredible, which should come as a surprise to absolutely no one.

According to Taste of Country, Randy Travis co-penned the track with John Lindley and Kyle Lehning. “Ain’t No Use” has been gathering dust in the vault for 35 years or more. However, it sounds just as fresh today as it would have in the summer of 1986.

That’s the beauty of country music. Trends may come and go, but tradition never goes out of style.