Randy Travis Drops Unreleased Song ‘There’s a New Kid In Town’ Ahead of Christmas Album

by Jonathan Howard

Well, it looks like the new cool thing to do in country music is drop an album, “From the vault.” Randy Travis dropped an unreleased song. His Christmas album rerelease is on the way, but fans are getting a teaser with There’s a New Kid In Town.

It is almost chilling hearing new, unreleased Randy Travis. His 2013 stroke put the singer-songwriter in retirement early. This newest track is not just any old Christmas song. This is different, it is country, and the angle that the story takes is special

Listen to that North Carolina twang and get ready as the chill of the winter approaches and so does the Holiday season.

We’re looking for the King/The new Messiah/We’re following the star/Shining brighter/Old man won’t you help us if you can/He shook his head/But he pointed his hand” the first verse starts.

The chorus is also wonderful. If you think you have heard this song before, that’s because you have. The song was written by Michael Johnson in the 1980s and since then has had a lot of different versions. Singers that have belted the lyrics out include Keith Whitley, George Strait, Blake Shelton, and so many others. While the song had a lot of popularity in the 1990s, this version could bring it back into the mainstream.

No matter what it is, country music fans are going to welcome new unreleased Randy Travis any time it comes out. While there is no telling what else might be in the vault, we can only hope there is more further on down the road. It has been great to see all the credit the singer has gotten in recent months from the likes of Kane Brown and others.

Randy Travis Honored By Country Music World

Rightfully so, Randy Travis has been receiving a ton of love over the last few months. He has been out and about and fans love seeing him again. Before this Holiday season, the singer was honored with a lifetime achievement award. Well deserved for the Three Crosses artist.

However, his lifetime award wasn’t the only thing he was honored with. Kane Brown brought Travis up on stage with him at a show shortly after that. Not only did he reiterate the award he won, but he also gave his own compliments as well. Then, he went into a cover of Three Crosses much to the joy and excitement of Travis and the crowd.

So, the rerelease of the Randy Travis Christmas album is coming soon. We know there are three new songs on the record, and There’s A New Kid In Town is just one of those. Perhaps we will get more releases later this season before the album drops.