Reba McEntire Accidentally Drank Real Whiskey in Music Video with Dolly Parton: ‘My Throat Was Burning’

by Quentin Blount

Sparks were flying when Reba McEntire and Dolly Parton got together to record their first-ever duet. It sounds like the drinks were too.

McEntire and Parton — both country music legends in their own right — sing together on a song from Reba’s new box set, Revised Remixed Remastered. The song they sing? That would be Reba’s 1993 hit “Does He Love You.” The music video for the new version featuring both McEntire and Parton is out now.

And while both of the country superstars are usually all business, they did have a little bit of fun this time around in the recording studio. McEntire took to social media on Friday where she answered a question from a fan named Jen. She explained the hilarious story about how she accidentally took a sip of whiskey.

“Jen, I love your question. ‘Did Dolly and I have real liquor while we were shooting the video?’ Well, of course, you know, no. They always put in apple juice or some kind of colored water for the whiskey.”

And while that may usually be the case where McEntire records, it wasn’t the case this time around. McEntire says she took a big drink from her cup before realizing what she had done.

“But when I took that first drink — a big drink — of my drink, it was really whiskey,” she said. “My eyes started waterin’ and my throat was burnin’ and everything. And then when we finished that take and I looked at Dolly and said, ‘Are you drinking real wine?’ She said, ‘No, are you?’ And I said, “Yeah! Can’t you see my eyes waterin’? So, we got a big kick out of that.”

Take a look at the video for yourself by clicking down below:

Reba McEntire Once Again Engages with Her Fans and Followers

Reba is just the best, isn’t she? On one hand, she is a country megastar. But on the other, she just seems like that red-head friend who knows how to tell a hilarious story.

McEntire has long made a habit out of engaging with her fans on social media. And Friday was yet again a perfect example of just that. The original user who asked the question about Reba and Dolly drinking, Jen, had to be over-the-moon happy that Reba not only replied back but made an entire video dedicated to her question. Afterward, she replied back to Reba saying, “I love you. That made my day! Thank you. Dolly is a professional I knew she wouldn’t drink on the job!!”

Just based on the way Reba was laughing, it seemed like her day was made by just sharing the story with her adoring fans. Take it from us, when Reba smiles and laughs, it’s hard not for us not to as well.