Reba McEntire and Rex Linn Go ‘From Red Carpet to Coffee Camp’ in New Photos

by Jon D. B.

If you thought Reba McEntire and Rex Linn would prove adorable together, you were absolutely right – and we have the candid photos to prove it.

In our previous coverage, Reba reveals the pair first met in 1992 while working on a Kenny Rogers movie. That film’s title, “The Gambler Returns: Luck of the Draw,” now has multiple meanings for them both, it seems.

Their romance, however, was still decades away. “We’ve kept in contact with each other over the years, and we both know the same people, so it was just like good friends getting back together having dinner in January,” McEntire clarifies of her romance with Linn. “And then we started texting and talking on the telephone, getting to know each other better during the quarantine.”

From there, the rest is history. Or current events, at least, as the pair have only been together these past few months. And now, Reba is sharing two of their first public photos together ever – and they’re beyond adorable.

Reba McEntire Goes From “Red Carpet to Coffee Camp”

Within, Reba McEntire and Rex Linn pose first on the Red Carpet for the CMA Awards. Here, they look equally glamorous and handsome – truly a stunning pair.

In the following shot, however, Reba shares an even more adorable photo of the pair. The two are sporting casual, comfy attire as they snuggle up for coffee. Presumably, this would be recovery from the craziness that was the CMA Awards.

“From red carpet to coffee camp! Sugar and Tater Tot!” Reba captions.

The post comes hot on the heels of the tumultuous, but highly successful 54th Annual CMA Awards. Reba and Darius Rucker made for excellent co-hosts and performers.

Within, McEntire was even able to have a little fun with Linn, warning him to “stay six feet away from Carrie Underwood at all times. That’s not social distancing those are Reba rules!” she laughs.

Continuing into her relationship with Rex, Reba clarifies what is shaping their bond so quickly.

“It’s good to have a person to talk to, laugh with, get into subjects about what’s going on,” she tells of Linn. “Discussions about our past, our family, funny stories, him being an actor, me being an actress. And he’s very into my music. I’m very into his career. It’s just great getting to talk to somebody who I find very interesting, very funny, very smart, and is interested in me, too.”

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