Reba McEntire Announces She Has Joined Tik-Tok with ‘Fancy’ Reference

by Will Shepard

The ever-iconic Reba McEntire joins TikTok. McEntire joins the long list of celebrities embracing the new social media trend by joining the famous site.

Although she may be late to the game, she joins in pure style. As McEntire continues to grow her following, this is her latest step into new-age technology.

My goodness, fancy indeed. In a short tweet, McEntire says: “Guess who’s on @tiktok_us?”

Although it may not be the most drastic career step for the ultra famous singer and entertainer, it is undoubtedly a big one.

The singer is 65 years old and ready to take on the popular website. Already posting two videos to the social media site, her following is still meager. Her account, as of writing, has only 112 followers.

However, that is more than likely to change. And certainly, it will change quite quickly.

McEntire and Her Social Media

McEntire just finished up hosting the CMA awards with Darius Rucker. The pair provided a wonderful show that millions tuned into. Variety reports that the ceremony had 7.1 million viewers tune in. Although that is a 30 percent drop from last year’s show, it is still certainly impressive.

Recently, her stock has been skyrocketing. Taste of Country, in a new article, reports that the popular show “The Voice,” desperately wanted the singer to join the star-studded cast. She, however, declined the opportunity preferring to focus on her Spotify podcast.

In the interview, she says:

“It was a very popular show in Holland, I’m pretty sure. And I watched the tape, and I said, ‘No, I’m gonna pass on that.’ Because I don’t think I’d ever be able to tell somebody that they’re terrible, or, ‘Go find another job,’ or, ‘Hope you like your nighttime job.’

“I couldn’t do that day in and day out; I just couldn’t do it,” she adds. “So I did pass on it. And Blake was the perfect choice — he’s done a wonderful job.”

However, Blake Shelton jumped at the opportunity.

In addition, McEntire is still producing music. Her latest album release was last year with “Stronger Than The Truth.” This album debuted at number four on the Billboard charts. Consequently, this becomes her 27th album in the top ten on the charts.