Reba McEntire Reveals Christmas Memories from Motherhood and Oklahoma Upbringing

by Jon D. B.

Speaking to Universal Music Group in Nashville, our Queen of Christmas country albums Reba McEntire dives deep into her own cherished holiday memories: from motherhood to all the way to “Santy Claus”.

While Dolly Parton may seem to be absolutely everywhere this Christmas, her friend and contemporary Reba McEntire may have the strongest collection of country Christmas songs & albums of all time. From 1995’s Merry Christmas to You and 2006’s Secret of Giving: A Christmas Collection, to 2016’s My Kind of Christmas, McEntire sings always manages to make a Christmas carol better than we remember them.

Perhaps this holiday brilliance comes from her own cherished holiday memories. For her part, Reba McEntire absolutely adores Christmas, too. And now, as she opens up to her record label UMG Nashville, we have the homemade details on why she loves it so much.

Reba McEntire on Oklahoma Childhood Christmases

“The funniest thing I can always remember about Christmastime is my older brother Pake, when we were kids at home, he’d always be the first one to jump out of bed and run down the hall, and he’d just run down the hall with his underwear on, Reba begins to UMG Nashville. For her, this is “one of the family’s funniest Christmas memories.”

The McEntires grew up in Oklahoma, with Reba holding many fond childhood memories with her siblings: sister Susie and older brother Pake. Reba herself was born Reba Nell McEntire on March 28, 1955, in McAlester, Oklahoma. She has surely been a blessing to parents Jacqueline and Clark Vincent McEntire ever since.

“He’d say, ‘If y’all don’t hurry up and get up and get in here, I’m opening all the presents by myself.’,” she adds of her brother. “But he knew it was a standing rule we all had to be in there before anybody could open up a present,” she continues. “But I can still see Pake running down the hall…”

Reba’s Favorite Christmas Memory of Her Son, Shelby

As for Reba’s more recent Christmas memories, she’ll “never forget” this gem with her son, Shelby.

“I’ll never forget one (Christmas) morning I woke up and I was laying on my left side and I felt something, and I opened up my eyes, and Shelby was three inches away from my face,” the country icon recalls.

“He said, ‘Mom, you’re not gonna beweive what Santy Claus weft for me.’ And so, he said you’ve got to come here,” she says of son Shelby. “I got up out of bed and went in there and there was this little tractor trailer set that he had just fallen in love with at the store. He’s seen it, and he said, ‘I can’t beweive he bought this for me.’”

“He was so cute,” she ends of the precious memory. Shelby Steven McEntire Blackstock is now 30 years old. He currently makes his mother proud as an American race car driver.

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