Reba McEntire Reveals Christmas Memory She Will ‘Never Forget’

by Joe Rutland

Childhood memories from Christmases long ago are on people’s minds these days. Reba McEntire is no different when recalling those days.

There is one, though, that she said will never be forgotten.

“The funniest thing I can always remember about Christmastime is my older brother Pake,” McEntire said in a press release from her record label.

“When we were kids at home, he’d always be the first one to jump out of bed and run down the hall,” she said. “And he’d just run down the hall with his underwear on. And he’d say, ‘If y’all don’t hurry up and get up and get in here, I’m opening all the presents by myself.’”

McEntire laughs at the thought while sharing more about the Christmas moment.

“But he knew it was a standing rule we all had to be in there before anybody could open up a present,” she said. “But I can still see Pake running down the hall.”

Reba McEntire Makes Her Son Shelby’s Christmas Special

“I’ll never forget one (Christmas) morning I woke up and I was laying on my left side and I felt something,” McEntire said. “I opened up my eyes, and (her biological son) Shelby was three inches away from my face.

“He said, ‘Mom, you’re not gonna beweive what Santy Claus weft for me.’ And so, he said you’ve got to come here,” she said. “I got up out of bed and went in there and there was this little tractor-trailer set that he had just fallen in love with at the store.

“He’s seen it, and he said, ‘I can’t beweive he bought this for me,’” McEntire said. “He was so cute.”

McEntire Influences Many With Her Music, Performances

The singer ranks as one of the most successful female country performers of all-time. Certainly, many women who venture into country music credit her as their role model.

In addition to being hailed as a champion of country music, McEntire has the credentials to back that up. Over her long career, she has more than sixty top ten singles on Billboard’s charts. The country star also has more No. 1 country albums than any other female artist.

Moreover, Reba McEntire has won CMA’s Vocalist of the Year four times. She also won the prestigious CMA Entertainer of the Year award in 1986. She also has three Grammy Award wins. And finally, she was inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame in 2011.

She also happens to be one of the first country music singers who embraced doing music videos. It wasn’t the “in” thing to do for a lot of performers in country music, but McEntire went against the grain. Through the videos, McEntire gained an even wider audience and her popularity continued to grow.