Reba McEntire Reveals How She Met ‘CSI: Miami’ Star Boyfriend Rex Linn

by Thad Mitchell

Reba McEntire and actor Rex Linn have now been dating for several months but have known each other even longer.

McEntire recently appeared on “Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen.” Her relationship was among the topics of conversation, according to TODAY. In the interview, the singer reveals the pair first met in 1992. Both were working on the Kenny Rogers movie “The Gambler Returns: Luck of the Draw.”

Though it isn’t a love at first sight story, the couples’ romance began with a dinner together earlier this year. Linn is best known for his role on “CSI: Miami.”

“We’ve kept in contact with each other over the years, and we both know the same people, so it was just like good friends getting back together having dinner in January,” McEntire says. “And then we started texting and talking on the telephone, getting to know each other better during the quarantine.”

McEntire was previously married for 26 years to her manager, Navel Blackstock. The couple has a son together, Shelby Blackstock, who is a professional race car driver. After the split with Blackstock, she would go on to date businessman Anthony Lasuzzo for around two years.

McEntire Talks About Love

Known for her classic “breakup songs,” McEntire says her music took on a different meaning after her divorce from Blackstock.

“I guess before the divorce I was singing those songs because I knew people who had been through those situations, and now, I have,” she says. “So I guess that’s the difference.”

McEntire says she is in love with Linn and it feels great to be with someone who feels the same way about you.

“(Being in love) really inspires me to find love songs, to find happy songs,” she says. “I’ve always been the queen of waltzes, the queen of sad songs, because I just gravitate to those kinds of songs.”