Reba McEntire Reveals Story About Hiding Out During Storm Filming ‘Turn on the Radio’ Music Video

by Madison Miller

In 2010, Reba McEntire filmed the music video for her song, “Turn on the Radio.”

However, in her case, she couldn’t even turn on the AC or leave the basement.

In a recent Instagram photo, McEntire talked about her experience behind-the-scenes of her hit song’s music video. It wasn’t nearly as pretty of an experience as it was a song.

She wrote, “Throwback to filming the ‘Turn On The Radio’ music video in a Nashville warehouse. It was miserably hot with no AC while we were shooting, and then we had to stop and take cover in the basement due to tornado warnings. This photo was taken while we were hiding out and waiting on the storm to pass!”

Reba McEntire’s hit is a fiery attack against a cheater and a liar. She sings, “You wanna turn me on, turn on your stereo / You can sing along, while they’re playin’ my song / How you done me wrong, /Baby crank it up!”

While she pulls out the hundreds of stereos in the warehouse, McEntire is certainly building up a sweat in the non-airconditioned warehouse. Storm or no storm, McEntire weathered through it to put out the video.

This was the lead single in her album, “All the Women I Am.” It was number 54 on the U.S. Billboard Hot Country Songs chart. It was her 35th No. 1 single.

“The song started with just a simple idea: a strong woman who had been done wrong by her man. And now he wants to get back in touch. We all sat down one morning in May in our home studio. And Mark began playing a riff on his guitar. This really set the stage for the entire attitude of the song. With that and the basic idea, it just all started flowing out of us. Different melody ideas and lyrics just came pouring out,” songwriter Mark Oakley told The Boot.

Reba McEntire Past Relationships

Right now, Reba McEntire is dating her boyfriend, Rex Linn. The two have become quite the cute pair and are constantly posting endearing photos of each other with cute nicknames all over their social media.

However, before that, she was with her ex-husband Charlie Battles from 1976 to 1987. Then in 1989, she married Narvel Blackstock. Then she also dated photographer Anthony “Skeeter” Lasuzzo for two years.

Her first husband, Charlie Battles, was a steer wrestling champion and rancher. There was a 10 year age difference between the two.

Leaving Charlie Battles

In her book, “Reba: My Story,” she recalled the moments that led up to her knowing she needed to leave Battles. She had known about him before the two met due to his role in the International Rodeo Association. The two actually ended up meeting at the rodeo, as well.

The beginning of their relationship started with an unstable relationship that Battles had with his wife. When they first met, he was married with two kids. Then in 1974, they were drinking at a bar together and he pulled her onto his lap to kiss her. She later found out he left his wife and months later McEntire and Battles were officially a couple.

So, their relationship really started with infidelity. It kind of relates to the song, “Turn on the Radio.”

In her book, she mentioned that he wasn’t happy with her job as a country singer. He claimed that his job was far more important. At the same time, she felt a lot of tension with her stepchildren.

Soon, his career ended. Reba McEntire hired him to help with her band. His presence was unsettling, stressful, and toxic. She even said that he called her a “wench” in front of her bandmates.

She realized it was time to leave when he admitted to stealing money out of her purse. All the tension finally caused the two to call it quits.

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