Ronnie Dunn Says New Album ‘100 Proof Neon’ Is Taking Country Music Back to ‘Jukebox Days’

by Clayton Edwards

Recently, Ronnie Dunn released his fifth studio album 100 Proof Neon. It made our Best Albums of July list for a reason. Putting that record on is like stepping back in time. Dunn captured the sound and spirit of the country music that was popular in the late eighties and early nineties. As half of Brooks & Dunn, Ronnie knows a thing or two about that era of music. So if you’re looking for some 90s vibes, you’re going to want to check that one out.

Leading up to the release of 100 Proof Neon, Ronnie Dunn sat down with Fox News to talk about the record. During their chat, Dunn explained why he wanted to make a throwback album. Additionally, he talked about where he turned for inspiration.

Ronnie Dunn Took Us Back to the ‘Jukebox Days’ of Country Music

 100 Proof Neon is a return to the kind of music that Ronnie Dunn cut his teeth on. More importantly, it’s a return to the kind of country music that he did so well alongside Kix Brooks. The sound is traditional country with a splash of rock & roll for flavor with a honky tonk garnish. For the record, Dunn looked to artists like Johnny Paycheck for inspiration.

About making this album, Ronnie Dunn said, “I’ve been wanting to do it forever, and I took everything back to the same content, well, 99% of it back to the clubs and honky tonks that we played down in Texas and Oklahoma.” He went on to say, “I tried to just go back to the jukebox days.”

Reflecting on those days, Ronnie Dunn said that the most important thing was getting people to dance. “If you could make people dance in these clubs,” he said, “it didn’t matter how good your band was back then, if you could get them up to dance, you got hired again.”

Ronnie Dunn did exactly what he aimed to do with his latest album. It is packed with tracks that would have been radio hits in the 80s and 90s. More importantly, Dunn loaded 100 Proof Neon with songs that will make you want to move your feet. However, the record doesn’t just have one speed. Instead, the tracklist traverses the gauntlet of emotion. From throwback barnburners like “Honky Tonk Town” to booze-soaked heartbreak anthems like “She’s Why I Drink Whiskey” and everything in between. This one has all of the 90s vibes you could ever want.

As if it wasn’t obvious from the quality of the album, Ronnie Dunn is glad to be back to doing what he does best. “I had 10 years of off time to figure out that I really didn’t want to do all those things that I wanted to do when I was off,” he said. Instead, he realized that he wanted to sing.