Sam Hunt Says He & Wife Are Ready for Kids: ‘That’s on the Agenda Right Now’

by Shelby Scott

We know Sam Hunt likes a “House Party” every now and then, but according to his latest chat with TC & Dina on Miami’s KISS Country 99.9, he plans to settle down really soon. In discussing the artist’s hit song, “Kinfolks,” and the discomfort he experienced referencing his mother in the song by her first name, the radio hosts inquired about the potentiality of Joanie (Hunt’s mother) getting grandbabies. Take a listen:

TC & Dina ask, “Are you gonna get Joanie on the phone any time soon and tell her you’re about to have grandbabies or what?” Hunt wasn’t reluctant to respond when he said “Yeah, I hope so,” and that he and his wife Hannah have been talking about it for a while. However, they have really “thought about [it] a lot lately” and hope to have some good news for his mom Joanie as well as country music fans “sooner rather than later.”

The 36-year-old rising country star then explained why he referenced his mother by her first name in the second verse of “Kinfolks.” And believe us, it wasn’t out of disrespect. Hunt shared that his brother occasionally refers to their mom by her first name, but only when she isn’t around. Hunt shared that he personally never does. He simply admitted that he wanted to give his mom a little shoutout and that her name, Joanie, just fit the rhythm and the rhyme better in the song. “I don’t normally do that,” he said. “When she’s around, it’s always ‘Mom.'”

Sam Hunt is Shocked that Fans are Still Listening and Looking for New Music.

Despite the popularity of his most recent song releases, such as “Breaking Up Was Easy in the 90s” and “Hard to Forget,” in addition to earlier hit, “Kinfolks,” Hunt shared he was surprised to learn that fans were still listening to his new music. A previous article detailed how Hunt didn’t really expect fans to concern themselves with his and other artists’ new music because of the coronavirus pandemic. He remembered asking himself, “Is anybody listening?”

Well, now we know they definitely are as his songs, “Kinfolks” and “Hard to Forget” earned him his 6th and 7th career number 1’s respectively. Now, Hunt continues to tease new music on social media pages after his most recent album release, Southside from last year.

As pandemic era mandates drop and country music artists are already picking up touring again, Hunt shared that he will be on the road again soon. This time, however, rather than traveling in his beloved touring van, he will instead be occupying a full-sized tour bus. Despite his love for the van, the bus will give him and his bandmates more room and better adhere to the social distancing guidelines we’ve become accustomed to throughout the pandemic. Overall, with more normalcy returning to global society, Outsider is excited to hear Sam Hunt on the radio and we hope he has some baby news very soon.