Sam Hunt Shocked to Learn Fans are Listening to His Music After 2020

by Shelby Scott

After a tumultuous year facing the backlash from the coronavirus pandemic, country music artists and fans are left reeling. Currently, the world is trying to recover from more than a year of lockdowns, quarantines, and numerous casualties. Country music artists are surprised to find that, despite current circumstances, listeners are still discovering their latest music releases. Sam Hunt was especially shocked to find fans listening to his new music post-2020.

Like other artists, Hunt is readjusting to a new version of normal when it comes to touring and producing music. During his recent appearance on Cody Allen’s CMT iHeart Radio program, he revealed his doubt as to whether fans were too caught up in the events of the pandemic to be listening to new music.

“Is anybody listening?” he remembered wondering to himself.

Despite the doubt, his two latest hits include “Breaking Up Was Easy in the 90s” and “Hard to Forget.” The first is frequently playing across radios currently. The latter, still popular with country music fans, was making waves on radios across the country months ago. This took place right when society began picking up where the pandemic left them off. As mask mandates became less strict, “Hard to Forget” could be heard on major FM and XM stations.

Other New Adjustments for Sam Hunt

In addition to making and releasing new music, Hunt is also experiencing another big adjustment in touring. Previously, the artist traveled the country in his “beloved” old touring van. Currently, and for the first time in a long time, he can be found traveling in a full-size tour bus.

Speculatively, there is more room on the touring bus. However, Hunt revealed to Allen he adjusted to the rumbling of the old van as it rolled down the highway at night. “If you have a good driver, you can sleep pretty well,” Hunt said.

Contrastly, both the bus and van provide greater comforts to the artist and crew. After all, Hunt’s original ride-around was an old, cramped van he and his band referred to as “Denzel.”

“I can’t take credit for that name,” Hunt said. “I honestly don’t remember who came up with it, but I just remember that one day the van was “Denzel,” and from then on, we called it Denzel.”

Behind “Breaking Up Was Easy in the 90s”

As if Hunt weren’t already having enough new and unique experiences, the young star gave fans an inside look at the filming of the hit song’s music video. Of all the unique places artists have appeared in their music videos, Hunt’s takes place in a live jail.

In discussing the filming of the video, director Justin Clough said that he used key lyrical lines from the song to put together a narrative that would fit this setting. Overall, he said that the video details a guy who’s been in prison since the ’90s. Once successful, viewers see his fall down the social ladder and experience his later release from prison.

Compared to the jauntiness of the song, the video in seems rather downcast and dreary. We suppose it’s fitting as we try to readjust to life post-pandemic, but we have hopes the singer continues to put out even more new music in the coming year.