Scotty McCreery Announces New Studio Album, ‘Same Truck’

by Matthew Wilson

Scotty McCreery fans will be pleased. The country artist announced his new album Same Truck is on the way. And fans won’t have to wait long. McCreery’s fifth studio album will drop on September 17.

McCreery has been teasing the project for some time. His single “You Time” broke the Top 15 on the charts and will feature on the album. Likewise, McCreery also recently dropped “Why You Gotta Be Like That” as well on streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music.

McCreery actually chose to announce the album early. Originally, he planned not to announce the project until August. But the cat’s now out of the bag, so to speak. Details about the album accidentally leaked to retailers when McCreery released his single “Why You Gotta Be Like That.” So the country artist chose to drop the announcement early.

“It’s gratifying to learn that my fans are so excited about my upcoming new album that they sought out pre-order information before it was ready to be announced….and got it,” McCreery said in a press release. “Thanks to Triple Tigers and the retailers for coming together quickly so we could make this official album announcement. I can’t wait to share this music with everyone.”  

Scott McCreery’s Track List

The upcoming album Same Truck will feature 12 songs. McCreery himself played a big role on the album, co-writing 10 of the songs himself. This will be Scott McCreery’s first album in three years, following up on Seasons Change. The album will explore his marriage and career successes.

“My last album was about me as a young man getting ready to get married,” said McCreery.  “Same Truck is me three years later, taking a moment to acknowledge where I am now as a 27-year-old, happily married man, sharing both what I’ve learned and where I want to go.”

McCreery sampled some of the songs for audiences at his concerts. “You never know how new songs are going to go over in the live show, but our audiences sure seem to enjoy them from the reaction we’re receiving.”

The Same Truck track list includes the following:

  1. Same Truck (Scotty McCreery, Ashley Gorley, Taylor Phillips, Zach Crowell)
  2. You Time (Scotty McCreery, Frank Rogers, Aaron Eshuis)
  3. It Matters To Her (Scotty McCreery, Rhett Akins, Lee Thomas Miller)
  4. Damn Strait (Trent Tomlinson, Jim Collins)
  5. It’ll Grow On Ya (Jeremy Bussey, Jason Blaine, Taylor Phillips, Adam Wood)
  6. The Waiter (Scotty McCreery, Matthew West, Frank Rogers)
  7. Why You Gotta Be Like That (Scotty McCreery, Jordan Schmidt, James McNair)
  8. Home (Scotty McCreery, Frank Rogers, Brent Anderson, Tammi Kidd)
  9. Carolina To Me (Scotty McCreery, Jeremy Bussey, Taylor Phillips)
  10. Small Town Girl (Scotty McCreery, Ashley Gorley, Zach Crowell)
  11. That Kind of Fire (Scotty McCreery, Josh Hoge, Matt McVaney, Justin Wilson)
  12. How Ya Doin’ Up There (Scotty McCreery, Monty Criswell, Derek George, Tyler Reeve)