Scotty McCreery Reveals He Scrapped an Entire Album: Here’s Why

by Lauren Boisvert

Scotty McCreery quickly shot to America’s Sweetheart status after winning the 10th season of American Idol. Since then, he’s released 5 albums, the most recent being Same Truck, which came out on Sept. 17. But, according to Taste of Country, there was a secret sixth album that McCreery scrapped when COVID-19 hit.

According to a recent interview, McCreery had a nearly finished album, but soon found himself stuck at home like the rest of us. And what does a musician do with all that time? Well, he writes an entirely new album, that’s what.

Apparently, most of Same Truck contains songs from that rewrite, or “COVID writes,” as McCreery calls them. But, he didn’t get rid of those songs forever. “They’re just sitting there. They’re kind of like Toy Story 2, you know, [toys] sitting on the shelf,” he said. Maybe we can expect those pre-COVID songs on a future album? Here’s hoping they don’t just sit on the shelf forever.

Scotty McCreery’s Influences on ‘Same Truck’

Same Truck is Scotty McCreery’s first album in 3 years, the follow-up to Seasons Change. In that album, McCreery explored his younger days as a 24-year-old, riding high on success. Now, he says that he’s grown, and he’s taking the time to look back on what he’s achieved.

“My last album was about me as a young man getting ready to get married,” said McCreery.  “Same Truck is me three years later, taking a moment to acknowledge where I am now as a 27-year-old, happily married man, sharing both what I’ve learned and where I want to go.”

Scotty McCreery has a lot of classic country influences, not only on this new album, but in his music in general. On Same Truck, McCreery includes the song “Damn Strait,” a George Strait-inspired heartbreak song about how music affects the traumas in our lives, particularly when going through a breakup. McCreery has a lot of George Strait in his sound, and has stated that Strait was one of the first concerts he ever went to. Being influenced by George Strait means taking a bit of honky-tonk, a bit of dance-hall, and a lot of classic country and putting them all in a blender.

Another of Scotty McCreery’s influences is Elvis, believe it or not; his sound does resemble some of Elvis’ slower ballads, and McCreery compares their early days living in small towns, getting that big break. In my opinion, McCreery has a lot of Conway Twitty in his sound, a bit of Josh Turner; a deep, resonant voice and relatable yet soulful lyrics.

Same Truck released on Sept. 17 to great reviews recognizing his country charm and overall reflective tone of the album.