Shania Twain Is Iconic in Badass Horse Riding Video

by Samantha Whidden

On Sunday (November 7th), country singing legend Shania Twain took to her Instagram account to share a video of her being a total badass while riding a horse. 

@itv asked me if I wanted to spend an afternoon riding horses and talking to iconic Paralympic gold medalist @nbakerpararider… OBVIOUSLY I said yes 🐴😍,” Shania Twain declares in her social media post.

Shania Twain also declared that her fans can watch her ride through The Pet Show on ITV tonight at 5:35pm! The latest post comes just days after the country singer celebrated the “birthday” of her hit album Come On Over. 

In the post, Shania Twain wrote, Happy Birthday ‘Come On Over’ 🎉 Thank you for making this the best-selling country music album, and the best-selling studio album by a female act ❤️ ….Do you think it deserves a diamond release? 💎😉 #LetsGoGirls.” 

Come On Over was recorded between 1996 and 1997. The album was released on November 4, 1997, and became the best-selling country album as well as the best-selling studio album by a female artist and best-selling album by a Canadian. Come On Over is the ninth all-time best-selling album in the U.S. and worldwide. It is also the sixteenth best-selling album in the UK. 

Shania Twain Reflects on Her 2017 Album ‘Now’ 

During a September 2021 interview with UDiscoverMusic, Shania Twain opened up about her 2017 album, Now. According to the media outlet, Now was the first album by Twain in 15 years. While chatting, Twain stated that some of the material has a “long history and evolution.” 

“It does go back quite a way,” Twain explained. “There’s quite a few idea sand bits on the album that have been piling around for several years.”

Twain used Home Now as an example. “The tag on that’s been around for a long time. I don’t know why it was [the idea of] ‘home now.’ It just always was. Then I wrote the song around that. And the direction of that song evolved later on.”

Twain goes on to state that when she was writing specifically for the record, she enjoyed the creative flow. “[The] momentum does kick in. And the inspiration of the direction that the album is now taking at a certain point is also something that kicks in. Because now there’s a flow of direction that becomes more obvious as you build.”

In regards to what song was her favorite written song on Now, Twain goes on to add that All in All stands out from the rest of the album’s tracks. Now was released on September 29, 2017. It was recorded between 2014 and 2017. The album took so long because Twain struggled with a severely weakened singing voice, which was caused by Lyme disease and Dysphonia.