Tanya Tucker Reveals Details About A Crazy Night With Billy Ray Cyrus

by Josh Lanier

Billy Ray Cryus once smashed his way into Tanya Tucker’s home with a tire iron, and it’s a pretty adorable story to hear her tell it. She recently opened up about “one” of the crazy nights she had with the country music legend in CMT’s premiere episode of “Probably Shouldn’t Tell You This.”

Tucker said it took place the night they finished filming the video for Dolly Parton’sRomeo.” Cyrus is featured in the song. Afterward, he wanted to show off his new Corvette to the country music icon. So she sent her friends ahead home in her limo, as she and Cyrus burnt rubber in his new car.

After a side mission involving a locked car and a tractor, they arrived at Tucker’s house. But somehow no one had a key. Cyrus pulled a tire iron out of his new Corvette, and on Tucker’s order began to whack at the window. It took several strikes before he smashed it, something Tucker made sure to tease him about.

But once inside, Tucker said she sidestepped the glass and headed for bed with her girlfriends, who were smitten with Cyrus. That’s when they heard a strange noise coming from downstairs.

Cyrus was sweeping up the glass from the shattered window out of the floor.

“That is the sweetest picture,” she said. “I wish I had a picture of that.”

Tanya Tucker Mourns Death of Billy Joe Shaver

Tanya Tucker was one of the many who publicly mourned the death of outlaw country legend Billy Joe Shaver. He died of a stroke last month.

“It’s a sad day and I’m just so torn between raising hell and lowering heaven a little bit. I felt it all the way from Nashville to Waco when he passed, she said. She eulogized her friend in an Instagram post.

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October 28th, I lost one of my greatest songwriting friends, Billy Joe Shaver. It’s a sad day and I’m just so torn between raising hell and lowering heaven a little bit. Felt it all the way from Nashville to Waco when he passed. I just go from looking back on our wonderful memories together to tears, then back to memories again. I have a lot to say about Billy Joe Shaver. He’s written so many songs, and I’m so glad I got to write a few of them with him. The whole songwriting community has suffered a huge loss today and most importantly the fans of country music. Billy was one of a kind, he wasn’t like anyone else. When he loved, he loved hard and I loved him right back. I just can’t find the words right now. Billy, he never had any trouble finding the right words when it came to a song, he was a master. Billy’s on his way to heaven and I’m just so glad I got to spend some of his life and some of my life together. I miss you already, my friend. Adios. ❤️ 📸 @dkupish #billyjoeshaver

A post shared by Tanya Tucker (@thetanyatucker) on Oct 28, 2020 at 1:09pm PDT