Ted Nugent Shows Off Impressive Buck From Latest Hunt: ‘I Love My Rifle’

by Charles Craighill

This prosperous hunting season has seen many country stars take down some serious game. In his most recent Instagram, southern rock pioneer Ted Nugent joined the long list of country hunters. Nugent took down a few good looking deer earlier today. One of those deer happened to be a nice 8-point buck.

“I love my bow and arrow and I love my rifle,” he said in the post.

With this bountiful hunt, Ted Nugent joins a long list of celebrities and country music stars that have really gotten after it this hunting season. Perhaps the busiest hunter this season has been Riley Green, who seems to go hunting every other day. Between deer stands and duck blinds, Green has taken down quite the lot.

Other artists to get in on the action include Whiskey Myers and Cody Jinks, who have found success with ducks. Of course, there’s no surprise that the Duck Dynasty stars have also had their fair share of mallards this season.

Like Ted Nugent, several other country stars have also taken down plenty of deer this holiday season. With that said, plenty of the stars have also found quite a bit of frustration. For instance, Tyler Farr is already looking forward to turkey season. Even Luke Bryan’s son has felt frustration, directly from his mother in her hilarious prank.

Ted Nugent on his Hit Bowhunting Song

While it looks like Ted Nugent took down all three of the deer with his rifle, his most famous song surrounds bow hunting. “Fred Bear,” a song that Nugent has shredded for years, is actually about a bowhunter. That’s right, Fred Bear was a real person, and “certainly the world’s greatest bow hunter,” according to Nugent. Apparently, Fred Bear developed several hunting techniques that are still implemented today.