The Marty Smith Podcast #12 – Tracy Lawrence

by Clayton Edwards
Tracy Lawrence

Tracy Lawrence has been in the world of country music for three decades. Over the course of his career, he has released fourteen studio albums and netted eight chart-topping singles. Tracy has traveled the country with some of the biggest names in country music and cut some of the most memorable songs of the nineties. In fact, any conversation about that era of the genre without Lawrence in it is incomplete. Songs like “Time Marches On,” “Texas Tornado,” and later “Find Out Who Your Friends Are,” solidified his place in the memories and playlists of country music fans everywhere.

Marty Smith sat down with Tracy Lawrence for the latest episode of The Marty Smith Podcast. They talked about Lawrence’s career and rise to fame. At the same time, the 90s country titan shared some stories from his time on the road. This is one you definitely don’t want to miss.

HIghlights From Marty’s Chat With Tracy Lawrence

Marty Smith has a way of bringing out the best in everyone he sits down with. Tracy Lawrence is no exception to that. The interview starts with a hilarious story about Tracy’s time on the road with the legendary George Jones. When an interview starts with, “George Jones hit you in the nuts. What the hell, man?” you know it’s going to be a good one.

Tracy Lawrence followed that story by talking about his relationship with Jones and what it was like to tour with him. Then, they talked about Lawrence’s connection to another Outsider favorite, Justin Moore. If you want to hear how college football rivalries played into Lawrence and Moore’s time on the road, you’ll have to listen to the episode. Links for that are down below or you can watch the full video episode above.

Lawrence Gets Real About Fame

At some point, everyone wants to be a star. The glitz, glamour, recognition, and money all sound like a dream come true. However, people seldom think about the sacrifices one has to make to get to that level. Tracy Lawrence took a moment to talk about the cost of his career. It is one of the most honest and frank discussions of fame you might ever hear.

They go in-depth into the impact that Lawrence’s career has had on his family. However, Tracy sums it all up really well in a single sentence early in the conversation. “You don’t realize the dance recitals and the tee-ball games, the things that you miss that you can never get back.” If you ever wanted to hear two guys who know all about it discuss what it’s like to have a family as well as widespread notoriety, now is your chance.

That is just the tip of the iceberg. Tracy Lawrence looks back on his life and career and takes Marty Smith down Memory Lane with him. The rest of the conversation is full of knowledge, wisdom, and history. Lawrence talks about how he landed his deal, the impacts some of his singles have had on his life, and much more, including the time he was carjacked and shot and how that affected him mentally. In short, this is an incredibly enlightening and entertaining interview regardless of your opinion of Lawrence or his music. However, if you’re a fan, you’ll get to see one of your favorite acts in a whole new light.

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