This ’90s Tour Poster of Travis Tritt and Trisha Yearwood Is Glorious

by Keeli Parkey

A throwback photo is something that most people enjoy seeing. It’s a way to take a walk down memory lane and often brings back fond memories of days gone by.

Country music star Travis Tritt recently showed off a throwback photo of sorts. What he showcased was a tour poster from the 1990s. It also features his fellow country music star, Trisha Yearwood.

The poster is from their Rock’N Country Tour that was sponsored by Bud. And the image of them that appears on the post is absolutely 1990s glorious. They are both rocking hairstyles from that era. They are sitting together on a motorcycle. Tritt is holding a guitar and Yearwood is also rocking some spectacular red and white cowboy boots.

Travis Tritt shared this throwback tour photo on Instagram. In the caption he also shared, he told his followers how he came to acquire it.

“A fan gave me this throwback poster tonight of me and Trisha Yearwood on tour back in the 1990s,” the now 58-year-old “Help Me Hold On” singer explained. You can check out this classic throwback poster below.

Fans Share Memories from the Tour Travis Tritt Showcased With Throwback Poster Photo

The throwback poster Travis Tritt recently shared of him and the now 57-year-old Trisha Yearwood brought back some fond memories for some country music fans. A few of those fans shared memories of this tour from the 1990s.

“That tour was the first time I saw you live in Cleveland. Little Texas opened, then Trisha did a set. You rode your motorcycle on stage for the first song, was a great night and since then I’ve seen you every time you’re in NE Ohio!” one Instagram user commented on Tritt’s post.

“The TNT Tour! Travis, and Trisha, Little Texas was the opener. Great show I caught it in Springfield, IL,” another fan also shared.

Another fan recalled seeing Travis Tritt, Trisha Yearwood, and company during another stop on the tour. “I saw you, Trisha and Carolyn Dawn Johnson on that tour in NJ. Great show!” this fan also recalled.

Tritt Plans to Go on an Acoustic Tour During 2022

Speaking of tours by Travis Tritt, the “It’s a Great Day to Be Alive” singer is about to headline a new tour. With this tour, his fans will get to see him perform in a way that they may not have seen him before.

See, this upcoming tour is a solo acoustic tour. He has decided to refer to the events as “An Evening With Travis Tritt.”

This series of special events are scheduled to begin on Jan. 13. It will continue until the end of February 2022. Some of the stops on the tour include visits by the “T-R-O-U-B-L-E” singer to Jackson, Tennessee; Tiffin, Ohio; Virginia Beach, Virginia; Waco, Texas; Spartanburg, South Carolina; Fort Wayne, Indiana; and Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania.

For more information about these dates and others, visit Travis Tritt’s website.