Thomas Rhett Debuts Daughter Willa Gray’s ‘First Song’

by Shelby Scott

Thomas Rhett’s oldest daughter, Willa Gray, just wrote and recorded her first song ever and we are absolutely dying. The country singer shared the news on his Instagram account, which was prefaced by a brief daddy/daughter moment. The little introduction featured Rhett and his daughter as she bashfully ate a granola bar next to her dad. When the country star asked Willa what she wanted to name the song, she simply said, “Willa Gray’s First Song.” Check it out below.

While the lyrics are a little tough to identify, luckily People magazine came in clutch with a brief translation. Willa begins the new track singing, “You don’t have to do nothing for yourself.”

The five-year-old continues, singing, “Your name is Willa Gray/I wanna come to play.” As the song goes on, she name drops some of the children she likes to play with. They include Florida Georgia Line’s Tyler Hubbard’s two children as well as her sisters, Ada James, and Lennon Love. As the song ends, she kindly invites all of her friends to stay the night with her and Thomas Rhett, and the rest of the family.

Overall, the song slaps, as other Instagram users shared their love in the comments. One fellow musician wrote, “This is 🔥,” followed by a comment from Hubbard’s wife Hayley, “This is liv’s favorite!”

Another fan wrote, “Certified platinum,” and someone else commented, “Straight vibe.” Conclusively, yes, yes, and yes. We can’t wait to hear more from Thomas Rhett’s oldest as she becomes a big sister for the third time.

Thomas Rhett Also Released a New Song Recently

While the country star debuted his daughter’s first song on Instagram, he also recently put out his own dance video. Thomas Rhett called the TikTok the first and last dance he’ll ever do (maybe). He shared the video of him and friends doing a basic line dance to his song, “Redneck Be Like.”

While Rhett didn’t seem too keen on his dance moves, fans loved it and we’re sure the trend is going to take TikTok by storm very soon. The new song released earlier this month and to promote it, it seems the “Country Again” singer decided to add a little surprise for fans.

In reference to the song, Rhett said, “This song is all about summertime and getting a chance to unwind and let loose…We can’t wait to see y’all on the road and turn this one up.”

Honestly, neither can we. Both the song and Thomas Rhett’s new dance are ultra catchy, and definitely a vibe as summer starts to wind down. However, there are still plenty of warm summer days left as we roll into the rest of August and September and we can’t wait to crank Rhett’s latest.