Thomas Rhett Reveals Personal Advice He’s Following Heading into 2021

by Madison Miller

This year hasn’t been what anyone really planned for. However, 2020 has been a learning and growing experience for a lot of people. For country sensation Thomas Rhett, 2020 gave him some “silver linings.” One of which was just to take life slower or to just slow down in general.

After his Center Point Road Tour had to be canceled, along with every other artist’s tour, the singer found peace in spending time with his wife and kids.

The singer shared with his label just how important it has been to be able to take a step back. Despite a crazy year, there are parts to appreciate.

“You know, 2020 has definitely been hard in many ways, especially for a lot of different families who have either lost work or people that have been on the front lines working in hospitals, or teachers trying to teach three year olds how to learn their letters and their numbers. But for us, I think 2020 has had several silver linings, and for me, I think I was going at such a rapid pace that 2020 definitely forced me to slow down. And so I hope I can take that mindset back into 2021,” Rhett said to his label, according to Popculture.

Parenting During Quarantine

Thomas Rhett tied the knot with wife Lauren Akins back in 2012. The two have three daughters, Willa Gray, Ada James, and Lennon Love. He has been using this spare time to really get experiences with them. Usually going on tour or recording gives him a hectic schedule.

On Reba McEntire’s podcast, “Living & Learning with Reba McEntire,” Rhett explained that when the pandemic started he moved into a house with his wife’s parents and some other adults.

He joked that he also has watched “Moana” and “Frozen” a million times. He even lets his girls paint his toenails when they’re chilling watching a Disney movie.

It’s a level of quality time that the tour and fast-paced life takes away from him.

“To get to spend this much quality time with my kids, and this is the most nights in a row I’ve ever gotten to put ‘em to bed and wake up with them … And it’s been absolutely amazing just to get to watch them grow up. So, as crazy and weird as this year has been, that is definitely a silver lining, just gettin’ to watch my kids grow and gettin’ to really be intentional with my wife,” Rhett said to this label.