Thomas Rhett Reveals Sneak Peek Snippet of ‘What’s Your Country Song’ Writing Session

by Charles Craighill

On Wednesday, November 11, Thomas Rhett will release a new single titled “What’s Your Country Song.” A few hours ago, he revealed a brief sound bite of what the chorus might sound like. Rhett has been working on the single for some time now, so it is unclear when the clip is from. All Rhett tells us is that it was “last year in Dallas.”

The clip is raw and real, with Rhett and a couple of indistinguishable voices mumbling and humming a melody. A beautiful piano is the lone instrument in the clip. There are only a few lyrics that can really be made out, but the final punch is “everybody got a country song.” The female voice, who confirms “everybody’s got one, it’s great,” is likely Parker Welling as she is tagged in the post. Thomas Rhett also tagged his father, Rhett Akins Sr. in the post, so he likely is the other male voice. Rhett Akins Sr., Thomas’ father, was a country music songwriter himself. He has credits on songs such as “Boys Round Here” by Blake Shelton, and “Put a Girl in It” by Brooks and Dunn.

Possible Changes to the Thomas Rhett Tune

As Rhett notes in the caption, “the chorus is different than how it actually turned out.” With that in mind, it will be interesting to see what the group actually came up with. The tune as it stands is undeniably catchy and has the quintessential Thomas Rhett country feel.

As one fan notes, it “sounds like a couple of hammered friends that don’t quite know the lyrics but think they do.” They are right in that manner, as there are only bits and pieces of the lyrics that we can pick out. With that said, what we can hear, we definitely like. Keep your ears out for Thomas Rhett’s new single, “What’s your country song,” available this Wednesday.