Thomas Rhett Reveals Two of His Biggest ‘Strange’ But ‘Intense’ Fears

by Shelby Scott

Humans are made with in-built fight-or-flight instincts, and country star, Thomas Rhett, is no different. Rhett recently revealed some of his biggest fears. Surprisingly enough, they are all fears many other humans have – and despite that he describes them as strange, we here at Outsider don’t find them to be uncommon at all.

According to Pop Culture, Rhett stated that during the pandemic he was able to put more energy into the things that matter most to him. Those were his family and his love for the outdoors. As an avid outdoorsman, it’s surprising to learn that Rhett’s biggest fear is spiders. “I really, really don’t like spiders,” Rhett said. Little spiders are manageable for him, but anything larger is a no-go for one of country music’s most famous artists.

Roaches are another big fear of his, and to be quite honest, we don’t blame him. There is a wide variety of roaches and other related species across the country and some fly, swarm, and have creepy tendencies and appearances. Ugh, next fear, please.

It Ain’t Just Bugs for this Outdoorsman

Depending on what your fears are, this one may seem silly to some of you readers. But nevertheless, Rhett revealed that he does not like being in the dark on his own. Humans often fear the dark for a multitude of reasons and in a multitude of variations. While some just hate the dark, others, like Rhett, fear it when by themselves, outdoors versus inside, and so on.

For some, pitch darkness can be disorienting, especially when they are outside of the environment they are used to. Light and background noise can make a bit of a difference when making an attempt to find our comfort zones. “I usually sleep with the TV on when I’m sleeping by myself,” he said. And we’re sure many of our readers here can relate to this one.

Despite this particular fear, Rhett was most likely able to avoid this fear for the majority of 2020. With the pandemic rampaging violently both nationally and internationally, people worldwide were forced to spend more time at home. With so much family time, we imagine Rhett wasn’t alone very frequently last year.

Thomas Rhett Plans on Welcoming His Fourth Daughter this Fall

Strangely enough, Rhett chose not to mention any fear of being surrounded by four women on an everyday basis come fall. While many men might be a bit timid about being the only man in a house full of ladies, Rhett frequently shares on social media how much he adores his girls and we can’t help but adore him for it.

This past year, Rhett and his wife, Lauren Akins, spent a lot of time with their daughters – Willa Gray, Ada James, and Lennon Love – traveling and exploring the breadth of the United States. With three girls in tow, Rhett and Akins plan to welcome their newest daughter this November.

As far as Rhett’s fear of sleeping in the dark alone goes, we fear he may never get to be alone very often at all once his and Akins’ fourth daughter makes her appearance this fall.