Ticketmaster To Require COVID-19 Vaccination or Negative Test When Concerts Resume

by Suzanne Halliburton

Normal life means seeing going to concerts to see our favorite stars while dancing and singing with lots of fellow fans. Ticketmaster now has a post-pandemic plan for how that can happen as soon as next year.

“Billboard” magazine reported this week that Ticketmaster will require buyers to show proof of vaccination or a negative test for Covid-19 in order to attend a concert. A smartphone likely will be key.

The Ticketmaster plan piggybacked on news that pharmaceutical giant Pfizer was showing great results in its Covid vaccine trials. The company said its vaccine was 90 percent effective against Covid.

The company believes it will have 50 million doses of the vaccine ready by the end of the year.

The vaccine news sent live-event company stocks soaring. However, the vaccine won’t be widely available until sometime in 2021. Each person will require two doses. That means Pfizer’s first batch would go to only 12 million people worldwide.

The Ticketmaster plan will use smartphones to verify whether a ticket buyer has been vaccinated for has tested negative for Covid within a one-to-three-day window. Many universities already are requiring students to be tested for Covid before they are allowed in stadiums to watch football games.

Billboard reports the Ticketmaster plan still is in the early phases of planning. It probably will rely on three separate applications. That includes Ticketmaster’s digital app, along with third-party health companies that would help verify testing and vaccine information.

Ticketmaster officials said they won’t keep a buyer’s medical information.

Some Country Stars Still Hesitant, While Others Are Bending Rules

Some country stars say they’re hesitant to go back on tour.

Luke Bryan told the “L.A. Times” he isn’t comfortable, as yet, with the idea.

“You don’t want to be the sacrificial lamb,” Bryant said. “If I’ve made decisions on not doing shows, it’s because let’s see what we’re truly dealing with.”

Bryant said “we’re still learning what this virus is every day.”

Chase Rice got some blowback in early summer when he posted video clips of shows he played in Tennessee. The shows appeared to be standing room only with no social distancing. Other stars have held events.

Kelsea Ballerini called out Rice on Twitter.