Tim McGraw Couldn’t Be More Proud of His Daughters

by Blake Ells

Iconic country music couple Tim McGraw and Faith Hill are the parents of three girls. They’re all adults now. Surprising, right? Gracie is 25, Maggie is 23 and Audrey is 20. The 55-year-old “7500 OBO” singer couldn’t be more proud of his girls, per The Boot.

“They’re all completely different creatures,” he said. “But they all have big hearts and they’re all very polite and they really respect people, and they feel like they wanna make a difference in the world. Hopefully, we’ve instilled that into them.”

Tim McGraw says that he sees a little bit of himself in them.

“It’s funny because Faith and I have talked about that a little bit, and I think we see each other in all three of ’em,” he said. “There’s little parts of us in all three of ’em.”

Gracie and Audrey definitely inherited their parents’ love of the arts. Gracie is pursuing a career on Broadway, while Audrey was the lead in Tim’s video for “7500 OBO.” Check out the performance below.

Maggie earned her Masters at Stanford and is heading to Capitol Hill. Tim and Faith have always encouraged their children to pursue their chosen paths.

“We’ve always given them the opportunity to sort of explore themselves and find out who they are and try things,” he said.

Maybe Audrey’s aspiring acting career will lead her into the Yellowstone universe. Taylor Sheridan is certainly willing to create new characters for people that he likes.

Tim McGraw Sees a Line from Country Music to ‘1883’

Tim McGraw’s crossover career found a way to intertwine his jobs when he arrived at 1883.

“Country music originated with Irish and Eastern European immigrants, and you hear a little bit of that in the show when some of the immigrants,” he told The Hollywood Reporter. “I did think about how country music is sort of uniquely American. Its roots come from everyday people living everyday lives and the struggles and toil that they’ve gone through.”

Many of the acting roles that McGraw has taken have a lot in common with country music. He appeared as “Charles Billingsley in the film adaptation of Friday Night Lights. There’s plenty of evidence that country music and Texas high school football go together like Buc-ee’s and Whataburger.

On Tour in 2022

Tim McGraw has several tour dates in 2022. He’ll be back on the road on July 2 with a date at Stadium of Fire in Provo, Utah. He has a handful of festival dates, including a couple in Canada. He’ll play to the home crowd at Music City Grand Prix in Nashville on August 6. Check out all of his tour stops and get ticket information at his website.