Tim McGraw Keeps Family’s Untraditional Christmas Tradition Alive

by Jonathan Howard

Tim McGraw, star of 1883 might be a cattle wrangling, country music singing, gun shooting southern man, but he enjoys classic Italian Christmas food.

Recently over on Instagram, Tim McGraw shared what he was cooking up for Christmas. It might be strange to see a guy like McGraw cooking meatballs for the holidays. And no, these aren’t the sweet meatballs made in the slow cooker with BBQ sauce and grape jelly. Although those are always welcome.

Instead, the 1883 actor is cooking up some old-fashioned marinara with his meatballs. For those that don’t know, McGraw is Italian on his mother’s side. His mom, Betty Trimble, used to be Betty D’Agostino before she married. Her family is from Bologna and Naples.

So, given his familial background, meatballs and good sauce are probably regular fare at a McGraw family Christmas. We love to see it! So, check out the post down below.

“Christmas meatballs…….happenin!!!!!!” the caption read. It looks like McGraw goes for the baked method on pans in the oven. Then, he will likely finish them off in the sauce he has in the pot on the stove.

There were all kinds of folks asking to join the 1883 star. And honestly, we wouldn’t mind a seat at the table either. I’m sure there are all kinds of goodies and tasty treats in Tim McGraw and Faith Hill’s home. I wonder if any of their television family will be chowing down on those homemade meatballs?

Tim McGraw Says ‘Everybody Gets Along’ On ‘1883’ Set

By the sound of things, filming 1883 is no easy task. The cast and crew have had to learn the cowboy lifestyle. That includes working with horses, cattle, driving wagons, shooting guns, and more. As they say, I should have learned to rope and ride. So, when on set, McGraw tries to unwind and relax.

It helps with how close the cast is with each other.

“We had a lot of fun! We do have fun on set, it’s a great cast, we’ve become sort of a family. Everybody gets along really well, it’s just a lot of great people,” the James Dutton actor said.

When it comes to unwinding on set, well that’s easy. The country singer always keeps a ball and glove nearby.

“I got baseball gloves and a baseball with me, so I’d throw a lot of baseball around, would throw a lot of football around. That’s one of the ways of relaxing between shots is those sorts of things. And then afterward, it’s hanging out a little bit, hanging out together going to dinners together.”

McGraw also said that he and Faith Hill have cooked for their fellow 1883 cast and crew. If he didn’t pull out that sauce and meatball recipe, I think that they are missing out on something great. I’m sure the recipe is straight from Betty D’Agostino herself.