Tim McGraw Posts Amazing Cover of the Allman Brothers Band’s ‘Ramblin’ Man’ in Throwback Backstage Clip

by Suzanne Halliburton

For Tim McGraw, if you can’t entertain your audience live and in person, you might as well share a behind-the-scenes classic.

Earlier this week, the country star posted a video of him and his road band (the Dancehall Doctors) singing a cover of Ramblin’ Man. McGraw captioned it “miss playin with these boys… Here’s some Allman Bros.”

How Much Does Tim McGraw Love the Allman Brothers? He Sang With Gregg

This isn’t the first time Tim McGraw has sung an Allman Brothers song and it probably won’t be the last. He loved the southern rock group, which sang for the final time together in 2014. The group, which debuted in 1969, disbanded and reunited several times. It even survived through the deaths of several of its band members.

The song Ramblin’ Man was the band’s signature. The single, from the album Brothers and Sisters, was released in 1973. It peaked at No. 2 on the Billboard Hot 100. Ramblin’ Man was the only top 10 single for the group. Initially, the Allman Brothers thought the song was too country for their southern-rocker style. After all, it was inspired by a Hank Williams song by the same name. The group’s guitarist Dicky Betts wrote and sang the song. Betts once said he wrote the song at 4 a.m.

Tim McGraw and Gregg Allman sang on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno show together in 2009. The two performed the title song of McGraw’s then-new album Southern Voice. And McGraw showed his love of the Allman Brothers by name-checking them in the lyrics.

Here’s a sampling of the lyrics from Southern Voice:

“Smooth as the hickory wind that blows from Memphis down to Appalachicola. It’s hi ya’ll, did ya eat well? Come on in, I’m sure glad to know ya.

“Don’t let this old gold cross, an’ this Allman Brothers t-shirt throw ya. It’s cicadas making noise with the southern voice.”

The Tim McGraw song also named a variety of celebrities, including Michael Jordan, Dolly Parton, Tom Petty and Aretha Franklin.

The Allman Brothers Live On Through Music

Gregg Allman died in 2017 of complications of liver cancer. Several months after he performed on the Leno Show with Tim McGraw, he underwent a liver transplant.

Back in current times, the McGraw fans loved the Allman Brothers cover the country star shared with them.

One commented: “Love this. It truly shows that it isn’t just work for you and the band, but pure, from the heart, fun.”

Another fan wrote: “Anything this man sings is wonderful and makes my heart very happy.”