Tim McGraw Revealed His 7 Rules for Dating His Daughters in 2015 Interview

by Halle Ames

Tim McGraw is all business if you want to date one of his daughters. In a 2015 interview, the #girldad reveals the seven rules every boy must follow they wish to take a beautiful McGraw girl out on a date. 

Country star Tim McGraw is the proud father of three stunning daughters with his wife, Faith Hill. If you have ever seen a photo of McGraw and Hill, it’s no question where his children get their looks from. 

This gives Tim McGraw all the more reason to be an overprotective dad.   

McGraw’s three daughters are 23-year-old Gracie, 22-year-old Maggie, and 19-year-old Audrey Caroline. 

The Seven Rules Tim McGraw Says Every Boy Must Follow

In a 2015 interview with Extra, the artist opened up to Mario Lopez about the seven rules every boy must follow. While some are a little redundant, Tim McGraw isn’t someone that plays around. 

1.They have to come to the house.

This is a given! Any respectable boy needs to meet the parents of the girl he will be taking out. Also, a word to the wise, bring the mother some flowers or some nice gesture and give the father a firm handshake. This brings us to the second rule. 

2. They have to meet me (Tim McGraw).

Duh! Have you ever heard the song “Cleaning This Gun?” That is what Tim McGraw would be doing all night if you don’t have “the talk” with him. You know, what is your name? What are your intentions with my daughter? That type of conversation. 

3. They have to pick them up. 

No woman should be driving around town. A boy needs to get in his car, get to her house, knock on her door, and be her driver. That means not over-drinking at dinner. The next two rules go together. 

Cannot Emphasis This Enough, ‘They Have to Talk to Me’

4. They have to come inside.  

5. They have to talk to me. 

As we said, the “My Little Girl” singer isn’t playing any games. You better clean off your shoes and get your behind through that door. Use your manners. Dads can be scary and play bad cop. But moms will love you.  

6. They have to talk to their mom. 

As previously stated, this is the easy part. Moms are usually smitten with the boys that want to take their daughters out. I’m saying this from personal experience as the middle of three girls. Lay on the charm with the mom, but don’t be creepy. 

7. No honking and running out. 

We cannot emphasize this enough. If a boy drives up to your house, honks, and expects a girl to come running out, he better turn around and drive home now. I can just about promise you that there will be no date. Hell, I know plenty of dads that would walk out with a darn shotgun wondering who is trespassing on their property. This is a HARD no. Don’t settle for a text either. Go knock like a gentleman. 

Hilarious Story of Scaring a Boy

Tim McGraw hilariously continues, saying that he likes to make the young thundercats at his front door terrified of him. McGraw recalls a story from when one of his girls brought a boy to meet him. He was reportedly holding a massive knife and was covered in blood. 

“I had a big butcher knife when I answered the door,” said McGraw.”It wasn’t on purpose, but it worked out well.”

I would be running for the hills if that is how someone answered the door!