Tim McGraw Reveals Daughter Audrey Is Playing ‘Lead Role’ in New Music Video with Sweet Snap from Set

by Courtney Blackann

Country superstar Tim McGraw is keeping it all in the family. He announced Monday that his daughter Audrey, the youngest of the McGraw clan, will play the lead role in his new music video.

“Couldn’t be more thrilled to have my youngest daughter, Audrey, play the lead role in the music video for #7500OBO!!!” McGraw captioned the photo on Instagram.

The video drops at 5 p.m. CT Friday and McGraw promised “an exclusive” Youtube after-party complete with an interview. From the looks of it, the video for the “7500 OBO” tune will be a classic backroad tale with Audrey McGraw starring as the lost love.

The song features a presumably heartbroken young man who is selling his Ford F-150. While describing the features of the vehicle, he’s also remembering the time spent with his girl in the truck. When all this brings back nostalgic memories of the girl who’s no longer present in his life, he decides to put the vehicle up for sale.

“Cause every time I turn that key, I see her/ Shotgun ridin’ down a two lane road/ Just drivin’ around with no place to go, ah/ Singing along to ‘Where the Green Grass Grows/ Hands out the window, floatin’ on the breeze/ She’s fixin’ her lips in that dropdown mirror/That pretty little thing made it hard to steer/ I’m never gonna get her out of there,” the lyrics narrate.

The younger McGraw will play the lead and hopefully answer some questions about her experience in the after-party interview.

Tim McGraw’s New Projects

Not only is Tim McGraw making new music. He made headlines last week with the announcement both he and wife, Faith Hill, will star in the “Yellowstone” spinoff “1883” where will portray James Dutton.

“It’s going to be a fantastic family Saga about the original Duttons and their journey to Montana and how they found the ranch up there,” McGraw said. “It’s written by Taylor Sheridan of course, who wrote Yellowstone and a bunch of other great stuff.”

In a series of posts, both McGraw and Hill shared their excitement at the chance to star in the series. McGraw has seen a number of successful acting roles. These include “Friday Night Lights”, “Tomorrowland” and “The Blind Side” opposite Sandra Bullock. The latter received huge success, including one Oscar for Bullock’s performance.

McGraw said he’s thrilled to take on the role of James Dutton and looks forward to seeing another channel of the “Yellowstone” storyline.

Both Hill and McGraw also expressed their excitement at working alongside the famous Sam Elliot. Elliot will add to the stacked cast of “1883” which is set to start production within the month.