Tim McGraw Reveals Hollywood Icon Harrison Ford Has the Best Marriage Advice He’s Ever Heard

by Jacklyn Krol

Believe it or not, the best marriage advice Tim McGraw has heard came from Harrison Ford.

What Tim McGraw Had to Say About Harrison Ford

McGraw has been married to Faith Hill for 24 years and knows a thing or two about marriage. However, it is Ford who has the best advice for a long happy marriage according to the “Shotgun Rider” singer.

“I think the best advice I heard for a long marriage is, Harrison Ford,” McGraw said in an interview with Big Machine. “They were talkin’ about being married to Callista Flockhart for so long.  And he said, ‘Well, I’ve learned to say the least amount of words that you can possibly say to keep yourself out of trouble.’  So I’d probably go along with that advice.”

His Own Personal Advice

Tim McGraw has his own words of wisdom when it comes to a lasting marriage. “Expect fights,” he admitted with a chuckle in an interview with Big Machine via Radio.com.  He said that everybody fights, but couples will and it is part of life. “

I think that the commitment to this is what you want out of life, and having that commitment, I want this to be my life, and stickin’ with it and not givin’ up on it I think is the biggest key.” He added, “And certainly love and respect. Y’all know that.”

This past October Tim McGraw and Faith Hill celebrated 24 years of marriage. He paid tribute to his wife on Instagram in a heartfelt post. “These years have rushed by in a series of beautiful, painful and unexpected moments,” he wrote. “We have loved, laughed and cried through exciting, inspiring and heartbreaking events in our lives together.” He shared a slideshow of images and clips of the pair over the years.